Helado de canela

Helado de canela

Este helado de canela es como llevarse un poco de verano a la boca en cada cucharada. La receta que hoy os comparto es la de un helado muy fácil de hacer y que resulta adictivo. La posibilidad de preparar helados en casa hace que se disfruten mucho más, no solo por lo ricos que resultan, sino porque elegimos en todo momento con qué ingredientes prepararlos.
Helado de crema catalana con caramelo

Helado de crema catalana con caramelo

¿Te imaginas disfrutar del sabor de la crema catalana de toda la vida en un helado casero y refrescante? Pues con la heladera Ninja es facilísimo. Este helado de crema catalana mezcla la textura suave y rica de la crema catalana con la frescura del helado, creando un postre increíble que encantará a toda la familia.
Tocino de cielo tradicional

Traditional heavenly bacon

The homemade recipe for tocino de cielo, this traditional dessert of Spanish gastronomy with more than 500 years of history, has great followers and, apart from being a perfect dessert to enjoy on Sundays with the family, it is also an ideal recipe to take advantage of the yolks. of eggs on the day you have a surplus*.
Nata de coco (nata montada vegana)-Claudia&Julia

Nata de coco (vegan whipped cream)

Vegan coconut cream, that heavenly touch that rivals any traditional cream, is the star of our journey today. In just 5 minutes and with only 3 ingredients, you will create a unique experience for your palate. The result? A smooth and deliciously indulgent cream that will completely change your perception of vegan alternatives. And you'll want to apply it on everything! From accompanying some strawberries to any cake or sponge cake, and without a doubt adding a spoonful to your coffee or cappuccino.
Peras a la vainilla con frutos rojos y helado de vainilla-Claudia&Julia

Vanilla pears with red berries and vanilla ice cream

In my kitchen, there are certain utensils that become true culinary heroes, and the Dupla Prior frying pan by Bra is definitely one of them. Beyond his genius for making tortillas, I discovered his incredible ability to transform simple pears into a heavenly dessert (And in just 10 minutes!).
Descubre el buttermilk: el ingrediente mágico que transformará tus recetas y cómo sustituirlo-Claudia&Julia

Discover buttermilk: the magical ingredient that will transform your recipes and how to replace it

Buttermilk, also known as buttermilk, is a fermented milk ingredient that provides a tangy and creamy flavor to various culinary preparations. Surely you have seen it in many pastry recipes, or you know of seeing it in supermarkets, because its use has become very popular. With reason!

In this post you will see what buttermilk is, how it is prepared, in which recipes it is used, and how to substitute it if you do not have it on hand.

Helado de Stracciatella-Claudia&Julia

Stracciatella ice cream

Do you know that the Ninja Creami ice cream maker has gone completely viral? Yes, and it is not surprising when you see how easy it is to make all kinds of ice creams, milkshakes, sorbets and smoothies with it. As if by magic, it turns your ingredients into the option you choose. Today we bring you, so that you can get an idea of ​​how easy it is to use, a delicious straciatella ice cream.
Manzana asada con natillas en sartén-Claudia&Julia

Roasted apple with custard in pan

Let's take advantage of the Dupla! Bra's double frying pan is wonderful: it is already wonderful to use alone, individually, but when you put those two pans together you can do wonders. From a wonderful omelet without spilling anything to a tarte tatin...Or this delicious recipe for roasted apples with custard with a touch of vanilla! A perfect and ideal dessert, which I highly encourage you to try.
Mousse de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Chocolate mousse

Soft, delicate and with an intense flavor to its main ingredient, this chocolate mousse that I present to you today has become one of my star recipes. When I want to surprise the little ones at home or I'm looking for a quick and very successful dessert the day I have guests over, it's a great recipe to win them over.
Vasos de Crema de Vainilla con frutos rojos-Claudia&Julia

Cups of Vanilla Cream with red fruits

Although there are countless recipes for varied creams, with some of the richest results, I assure you that the flavor of this vanilla cream with red berries is so soft and delicate that it will captivate you. A single teaspoon of these little glasses is enough to totally surrender to it and turn it into THE VANILLA CREAM, with capital letters, par excellence.
Compota de manzana y fresas (sin azúcares añadidos)-Claudia&Julia

Apple and strawberry compote (no added sugar)

There is nothing like simple and homemade recipes, and we cannot forget the compote that has always been made at home. The one we make most often is apple or apple and banana, but taking advantage of the strawberry season I encourage you to enjoy this delicious and easy recipe for apple and strawberry compote. A delight!
Canelé de Pascua: mousse de chocolate negro con caramelo y cacahuete-Claudia&Julia

Easter canelé: dark chocolate mousse with caramel and peanuts

The name of this recipe is most revealing, it does not hide any secret apart from its delicious flavor and its soft and sweet interior. But although it seems that the Easter canelé with chocolate, caramel and peanuts has already said it all in its statement, nothing is further from the truth. Keep reading and you will know what I mean.