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Get to know Claudia&Julia

Our beginnings

Claudia&Julia started as a small project at the end of 2012. We wanted to undertake and create something on our own. Something that would allow us to explore our creative side and where we could lay all our love, something much easier when you have your own company.

Our family had a kitchenware store in Manresa (near Barcelona) and at that time they were selling De Buyer iron pans very well and recommending them as an alternative to non-stick pans (especially for certain types of cooking). We were surprised not to see those pans in other stores and that on the Internet it was almost impossible to find them.

Then we realized that there was no store like Claudia&Julia, with a clear commitment to traditional cooking and iron utensils. We had found our project! In a very few days we created this kitchenware store just as we imagined it. A small online kitchenware store with very few products (mainly De Buyer, Le Creuset, WMF and Emile Henry), which we wanted to manage like the shops of a lifetime: explaining the products very well and what they are for, and treating the clients as we like to be treated.

Why is our store called Claudia&Julia?

Our name is a small tribute to a movie that we love: Julie&Julia. Released in 2009, it tells the intertwined story of Julie, a girl who leaves her job for an online cooking blog, and Julia Child, the wonderful cook who popularized French cuisine in America.

Julie&Julia, starring Meryl Streep, is a film that evokes many key aspects of our project: the fantastic Julia Child, the love for traditional cooking and the illusion of creating something of our own beyond our daily work.

Also, when we created Claudia & Julia we were expecting our third child and we knew that if she was a girl she would be called Julia. The name Claudia&Julia was also a nod to what this project meant to us: a family business made with love for our children, in the hope that it would allow us to reconcile our professional life with our family.

The funny part is that that third child was finally a boy. A fourth child also was born and as it was also a boy, finally we have Claudia (the founder of the store) and Julia (our little tribute to Julia Child).

Love is our secret ingredient

At Claudia&Julia, throughout these 10 years we have tried to lay the maximum love, affection and respect into the product selection for our store, shared recipes and great relation with the people who make up Claudia&Julia with us: our team, collaborators, suppliers and customers.

Love represents the act of cooking better than any other feeling: we do it every day to take care of ourselves and on many occasions to gather loved ones around the table. Cooking is, without a doubt, an act of generosity and love. It is our secret ingredient.

Claudia&Julia nowadays

Nowadays Claudia&Julia has reached a turnover of 2M euros per year and has its own team of 12 people and several external collaborators. We have managed to become one of the main quality kitchenware stores in Spain, collaborating with the main gastronomic content creators and counting on the constant support of the best kitchenware brands in Europe.
In these 10 years we have prepared more than 150,000 orders for more than 60,000 clients (some have been alongside us these 10 years), we have obtained more than 40,000 verified opinions from clients (with an average of 4.8 out of 5) and more than 100,000 followers on social networks. In addition, we have a private group on FB with 15,000 members who share recipes and their love for traditional cuisine. We are very proud and grateful for what we have achived and we will always try to maintain our essence: love for cooking, commitment to the best brands and respect for our customers.

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