After the Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve banquets (and for some also St. Stephen's Day), there are still a few days of celebrations ahead and people want dishes that are not as strong as the roasts so typical of these dates. This is why I want to share with you my recipe for zarzuela, a traditional dish cooked with fish and seafood that you are sure to love.

Lubina al horno

Lubina in the oven

Patri, author of Flavors and Moments, brings us a perfect fish recipe for everyday use: baked sea bass with vegetables results in a healthy, tasty dish that will not require any complications when preparing.

Canelones de marisco

Seafood Cannelloni

Preparing cannelloni on Christmas dates is almost mandatory. Today Noelia, author of La Cucharina Mágica, brings us the recipe for seafood cannelloni, an infallible proposal to succeed in the next meals with family and friends.

Bacalao al vapor con salsa de limón

Steamed cod with lemon sauce

Steaming fish is a very healthy option, and if you accompany it with a good sauce it is the most exquisite. Today Leticia, author of Revealing Flavors, brings us the recipe for steamed cod with lemon sauce and accompanied by asparagus in a wok. A recipe that will make you enjoy in your day to day!

Salmón relleno de verduritas y especias

Salmon stuffed with vegetables and spices

Today I bring you a recipe that I love: salmon stuffed with vegetables. It is a perfect recipe for the weekend or to look good if you have guests. It has a very nice presentation, and preparing it is not complicated.

Dorada a la sal

Sea bream in salt

Cooking with salt is a very simple technique that offers great results when it comes to enjoying fish. Today Noelia, author of La Cucharina Mágica, solves all the doubts that always arise and explains in a very easy way how to make sea bream with salt. Go for it!

Dorada con cítricos

Bream with citrus

Today we bring you a very special recipe: sea bream with citrus is an alternative and really tasty version to the traditional recipe for sea bream with lemon. And it is not only lemon that tastes delicious with fish!

Salmón al vapor con patatas baby y bimis

Steamed salmon with baby potatoes and bimis

Today it's time for a delicious steamed salmon, accompanied by baby potatoes and broccoli. A very simple, complete and healthy plan, full of flavor, don't you think? The recipe is brought to us by Patri, author of Flavors and Moments, and she makes it with the new WMF Vitalis pot, a wonderful tool for preparing delicious steamed recipes, and from which Patri gives you some tips to get the most out of it. To enjoy!

Hamburgesas mini de salmón fresco

Mini fresh salmon burgers

Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores, brings us salmon burgers that are ideal for enjoying an informal dinner in a different way. With a good raw material and well seasoned as she proposes, success is assured. To enjoy!

Salpicón de marisco

Seafood salad

The seafood salpicón is a really successful recipe: it is both a delicious starter and a light first course with which you will look great. Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, brings us her tips to prepare it, you'll love it!

Crema de marisco

seafood cream

Seafood cream is a great recipe to enjoy at Christmas celebrations, as well as on Sundays and other holidays. This recipe is brought to us by Luisa, author of Cooking with my Carmela, and I am convinced that you will love it.

Pastel de pescado (receta de falso pastel de cabracho)

Fish cake (false scorpion fish cake recipe)

Loleta, from Lola, Life&Market, brings today a recipe that you will love to make these Holidays or on special occasions. It is a recipe for fish cake, inspired by the popular Arzak scorpion fish recipe. Dare to prepare it, it will be a triumph!