Colas de rape a la americana con almejas

American monkfish tails with clams

You asked us for more recipes for fish en cocotte, and nothing more delicious than monkfish tails in sauce, American style and with clams. It is a truly exquisite recipe, firstly because of its raw material -we all know how exquisite the monkfish is at every bite-, to which is added the high flavor of the sauce with which we accompany it.
Merluza en salsa verde

Hake in green sauce

One of the great classics of Spanish cuisine is hake in green sauce. Simple in its elaboration, but powerful in the result. For it to come out perfect, you have to have quality raw material: a very fresh hake, a good extra virgin olive oil, a homemade fish broth, a quality white wine and parsley, a lot of parsley.
Bacalao con costra de chorizo y tomates

Cod with chorizo ​​and tomato crust

Do you want to prepare the cod with that touch of flavor you need to really enjoy it? This cod recipe is super quick to make, and super easy too: you will see that with very little you give a twist to the presentation at the table and, above all, you give it a rush of flavor thanks to the minced sobrassada, the garlic and the aromatic , that extra you need to liven up the food.
Caballa a la parrilla relleno de queso a las hierbas

Grilled mackerel stuffed with herb cheese

Very easy to apply but with a really tasty result, I bring you a different and most effective way to cook mackerel on the grill! In today's recipe, the mackerel is stuffed with cheese and herbs, and we cook it with a touch of lemon. It turns out very tasty!
Salmón a la toscana con tomates secos

Tuscan salmon with dried tomatoes

With a delicious creamy sauce with a touch of garlic, this salmon recipe is one of my favorites, creamed salmon with spinach, garlic and dried tomatoes. The intensity of the garlic and dried tomato provide the ideal flavor and intensity to make this creamed salmon a very tasty dish.
Recetas a baja temperatura y de cocción lenta

Low temperature and slow cooker recipes

I think that today can be a discovery for many. I do not bring a recipe, but a complete menu with recipes made in a pot at low temperature. I hope you enjoy this delicious vegetable fritatta, a veal with a creamy mushroom sauce and for dessert a smooth and delicious crème brûlée.
Merluza rellena

Stuffed Whiting

Stuffed hake is one of those dishes that goes well throughout the year and is loved by children and adults alike. We can simply cook it in the oven with a little oil, but stuffed with prawns and with a velouté sauce it is incredible.
Bacalao a la Manresana

Cod a la Manresana

This traditional Manresan Cod recipe is based on one of the recipes compiled by the Manresan cook and gastronome Ignasi Domenech (1874-1976), in his recipe book "La Teca". In its pages, he compiled stews and stews and desserts that were cooked in the kitchens of Manresa houses of the time. As well as two recipes for Cod a la Manresana: One with potatoes and quince alioli and the second with spinach, plums, raisins and pine nuts.
Pimientos rellenos de Bacalao

Peppers stuffed with cod

One of the most popular ways to prepare peppers is to stuff them, especially when it comes to piquillo peppers.

Some people prefer them stuffed with meat or seafood, but those with cod are usually the most popular because they are very easy to prepare and because everyone at home likes them.
Gambas al ajillo

Shrimp Scampi

What happened today is a complete scandal. These garlic prawns, traditional to say the least, have earned their popularity by hand. In addition to being very tasty, they are prepared in the blink of an eye. A delicious tapa, perfect for any weekend or even as an appetizer for a celebration lunch or dinner.
Papillote de salmón

salmon papillote

Today, so you can see how simple and fast cooking in papillote is, we bring you one of the most popular or common recipes using this technique, a salmon papillotte. We make it with a potato and zucchini base, and you will see that, with four basic ingredients and the special ceramic oven dish for papillotes by Emile Henry, you will get your family to eat healthily and leave the plates clean.
Tacos de salmón con salsa oriental

Salmon tacos with oriental sauce

We love fresh salmon at home and our latest discovery is these salmon tacos in oriental sauce. To prepare it we use a wok and in a very short time we have it on the table.