Bacalao encebollado canario y papas arrugadas en cocotte

Cod with Canarian onion and wrinkled potatoes in a cocotte

Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores, brings us a recipe that I am convinced you will love: it is a traditional recipe from her land, the Canary Islands. A recipe of a lifetime, prepared in the perfect casserole, a Le Creuset iron cocotte. To her!
Lubina rellena de manzana e hinojo con reducción de sidra

Apple and fennel stuffed sea bass with cider reduction

I remember well the day that Virginia, author of the Sweet&Sour food blog, told me that she had prepared a sea bass for that weekend that, in a very simple way, had been out of a movie. Knowing her recipes and photos, as many of you already know, I was dying to see the recipe. And here it is! As I ran out of words, I say no more. Just enjoy!
Caldereta de almejas con brócoli

Clam stew with broccoli

On this occasion, Noelia, blogger and author of La Cucharina Mágica, offers us a stew of clams with broccoli, a stew rich in flavor and color, healthy and that makes our mouths water just by looking at the photos. I definitely encourage you to try it!
Cómo ahumar salmón especiado en el ahumador de Nordic Ware

How to Smoke Spiced Salmon in the Nordic Ware Smoker

I was very excited that our friend Loreto, from the gastronomic blog Flavors of Colors , present us with this rich and tasty recipe for smoked salmon. It makes me excited because it shows us how easy it can be to get a super special touch (and in this case spicy!) in fish or meat.
Suquet de rape con langostino, mejillón y pan de allioli de avellanas

Monkfish stew with shrimp, mussels and hazelnut allioli bread

The fish suquet is a traditional dish, typical of fishing areas, since the fishermen made it with the fish that they had not been able to sell. Like almost all popular recipes, it is a simple dish to prepare, rich and very nutritious, and a real delight when made with good fresh fish.
Arroz tailandés con marisco

Thai rice with seafood

This delicious recipe with suggestive Asian flavors and aromas is very easy to prepare. The most difficult thing may be finding some typical ingredients of Asian or Latin cuisine, although every day it is easier to find these ingredients in large supermarkets or in small Asian or Latin food stores.