Guiso de papas y calamares en cocotte

Potato and squid stew in cocotte

In these dates and after days of bingeing I always need some comforting stew that is not heavy, and this homemade potato and cuttlefish stew is very popular, and the best thing is that it is easy to make.
Tajine de congrio y verdura con chermoula

Conger eel and vegetable tagine with chermoula

The tajine, as you know, is typical of North African cuisine, and in it all kinds of preparations are made, I mean, both meat and fish, vegetables and even fruit. The most exciting thing about this type of container is that the cooking will be different depending on how we place the ingredients, for example, the one that we place in the highest part will be steamed, thus achieving more juiciness, and the hardest ingredients will always be placed in the base where will be the liquid and contact with fire.
Bacalao al vino blanco y albahaca

Cod with white wine and basil

Cod is undoubtedly one of the most versatile fish. We can find it salty and already in almost all supermarkets also at its point of salt, which means that we can decide to eat cod almost immediately.

Today we are going to prepare it with white wine and tomato. We will use cherry tomatoes of different colors that give it a fresh and very appetizing appearance these days when the heat is on.

Cocotte De Rape Thai

Thai Monkfish Cocotte

I love trying new recipes. At home they always reproach me for not making that milk bread with that tender crumb or that banana ice cream that turned out so delicious. Sometimes I try so many things that I forget to cook the everyday and simple.

Bacalao dorado

Bacalao Dorado

Portuguese gastronomy has so many recipes with cod that we could prepare one every day of the year and not repeat it. This is one of the most popular inside and outside the neighboring country. At home, even the least fond of fish like it a lot, something that is appreciated. As well as the fact that it is a very simple dish to prepare and that it does not require strange ingredients or strange gadgets.

Dorada al vapor con limón y romero

Steamed sea bream with lemon and rosemary

The simplest recipes are usually the ones that we repeat the most. Today I bring you one of them, a simple and very healthy recipe, but absolutely delicious. A steamed sea bream flavored with lemon, rosemary and pink pepper, which will make you banish forever the idea that steamed fish is boring. The meat is terribly juicy and smooth, and also the flavors are enhanced thanks to the fact that the sea bream is cooked in its own juices. The touch of lemon and rosemary, together with the pink pepper, give it a fresh touch and a surprising counterpoint to the palate of this recipe.

Caldereta de rape con almejas

Monkfish stew with clams

On the occasion of WMF's new launch of the innovative FusionTec pots, we invited Julio to make us a perfect recipe for this upcoming Christmas or to look good at any engagement meal, a delicious stew or monkfish stew with clams. I leave you with the video recipe, and below you have the details of the ingredients and the steps to follow for its preparation.

Crema de mejillones

mussel cream

We are already with Christmas just around the corner! And the truth is that, given the avalanche of meals and meetings that are coming up, I love having the party menus planned in advance so that I can organize myself with peace of mind. And at home they have already unanimously decided that this cream of mussels that I bring you today deserves a place of honor on our table these days.

Pastel de salmón con muselina de naranjas y mahonesa de aguacates

Salmon cake with orange mousseline and avocado mayonnaise

This salmon cake is very easy to prepare, and has all the flavor of homemade. I propose two sauces to accompany the cake, an avocado mayonnaise, and an orange mousseline, which is nothing more than a mayonnaise sauce mixed with mustard and orange.

Bacalao en papillote con ricotta, espinacas y tomates secos

Cod en papillote with ricotta, spinach and dried tomatoes

Cooking en papillote basically consists of cooking thanks to the steam and the juices retained in a wrapper that is applied to the food. It is a technique that works great with fish, vegetables and soft meats (such as poultry).

Fabes con marisco

Beans with seafood

Leti, author of Revealing Flavors, brings us a perfect recipe to take advantage of the cocotte, emphasizing cooking without haste and enjoying the most traditional flavors. Thus, he brings us a recipe for beans with seafood, which you can make if you prefer with beans or similar. A plate of spoon and dipping bread. Go for it!

Rape a la americana

Monkfish American

Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet, brings us the American monkfish recipe, a luxurious recipe: if you like to enjoy a good fish you will see how prepared following the step by step is a real delight.