Pan de uvas pasas en panificadora-Claudia&Julia

Raisin bread in bread maker

I love raisin bread, and I couldn't stay without having a recipe that would turn out great in the bread maker, because it makes breakfast or mid-morning or afternoon meals much easier. I wanted a bread well-filled with raisins, with a crispy crust, the kind that when you squeeze it you hear it crunch (yes, even being a bread from a bread maker) and dense, and this recipe meets all these premises.
Recetas de pan en panificadora

Bread recipes in bread maker

Making bread at home is now one of our hobbies, and bread makers have made it very easy for us to enjoy homemade bread. I bring three bread recipes: the recipe for an onion bread that will make you fall in love, a seed bread ideal for those who want to take care of themselves and the recipe for a walnut and gorgonzola ciabatta that will become your favorite for informal dinners.
Mermelada de fresas casera

Homemade strawberry jam

Today I bring you my favorite jam recipe, the homemade strawberry jam recipe that I like the most and that drives my kids crazy too. It's really simple to do, but the intention of today's post is precisely to encourage you to start making your own jam if you haven't already, because it's very worth it.
Pan de molde con panificadora Moulinex

Sliced ​​bread with Moulinex breadmaker

Making sliced ​​bread at home is right now one of our hobbies. It's great for kids who sometimes prefer to eat a sandwich with softer bread for a snack. Or for breakfast some delicious toast with oil.
Mermelada de tomate

Tomato jelly

Patri, author of Sabores&Momentos, brings us a homemade recipe to enjoy for breakfast, appetizers and summer dinners. Preparing tomato jam couldn't be easier, and it's delicious to start the day with a good smile!

Cómo hacer pan casero fácilmente

How to easily make homemade bread

Because I want to convey to you how much it is worth making bread at home, I will tell you how to make homemade bread easily, because today we have lots of utensils that make all the stages of the process much easier.

Pan de cereales y mermelada de higos con Panificadora

Cereal bread and fig jam with Panificadora

There is no easier way to prepare bread than with a bread maker. You just have to enter the ingredients in it and choose the program you want. Similarly, the bread maker allows you to make jam, without having to be there stirring the preparation. In short, a luxury.

Pizza con berenjenas a la plancha, jamón, mozzarella y salsa pesto

Pizza with grilled aubergines, ham, mozzarella and pesto sauce

Making our own pizza at home is quite an event. Pizza is a dish that we usually eat on special days, weekends, meals with friends or on those days when we feel like eating in front of the TV to watch a couple of episodes of Sex and the City for the seventh time.

Cómo hacer pizza casera

How to make homemade pizza

Making pizza at home is one of those things that are scary due to sheer ignorance. Preparing homemade pizza is not as difficult as one might imagine if you take into account some issues that we are going to tell you about in this article. And the result is fantastic.

Pan de frutas escarchadas con panificadora

Candied fruit bread with bread maker

The recipe that Beatriz brings us today, from To Be Gourmet , makes me very excited, for two reasons. The first, because it makes a recipe with the bread maker, which I have a special fondness for: I have used it a lot, to the point of making bread in it daily, and it also helps me make jams (it has a special program for it, and saves me having to stir!).
Bizcocho de almendra con mermelada casera

Almond cake with homemade jam

Making homemade jam is within everyone's reach. Those of you who have already made it know it well, and those of you who haven't tried it, I certainly encourage you to do so, because there is no jam more delicious than the one you make yourself with the fruit you like the most! You will be surprised how easy it is to do it.
Mi experiencia con la panificadora Moulinex

My experience with the Moulinex bread maker

I can say that I spent a lot of time addicted to the bread maker . I used it daily. Most people didn't get it, because I was lucky enough to have one before they became fashionable. But that's how it was: it's such an easy-to-use device that takes so little time and gives you so much! Having freshly made bread with your own ingredients... does have a price. The cost of the bakery.