Making bread at home is one of the most pleasant things in life. The entire process of kneading, shaping, and cooking is relaxing, de-stressing, and smoothing your complexion. I promise you.

For this reason, because I want to convey to you how much it is worth making bread at home, I am telling you how to easily make homemade bread , because today we have lots of utensils that make all the stages of the process much easier.

The teacher Ibán Yarza, author of Homemade Pan , always says that to make bread you only need three essential things :

  • Flour,
  • water and
  • time, that is, some patience.

Yes, it takes a bit of patience to wait for a dough to rise properly, but not much more. And the ingredients cannot be cheaper, don't you think?

Making bread using a bread maker

If we want to start making bread , I think that a bread maker is the easiest way because it takes away your fears at the root. I started that way and I've used it a lot.

When one faces the baking process for the first time, one is a bit lost and full of doubts:

  • When is a dough well kneaded?
  • How do I know that the dough is fermented?
  • If it takes so long, when do I have to start the whole process?
  • Am I forming my bread correctly?
  • At what temperature do I put the oven?

But the bakery kneads for you, calculates for you the time necessary to ferment the dough and also cooks it directly for you to offer you a finished product of very good quality.

A good bread maker comes with a recipe book, so you only have to enter the ingredients and program it to have the bread ready first thing in the morning or whenever you feel like it. Then it's up to you to delve deeper into the process or not, as it suits you.

An example of what you can achieve with a bread maker is this beautiful bread with candied fruits in a bread maker or the delicious and digestive cereal bread that we recently published. If you gossip you will see that making bread in a bread maker couldn't be easier.

bread in bread maker

Moulinex bread maker

Other utensils for making bread at home

To make bread at home, you can use various methods, from doing everything in a bread maker as we discussed in the previous section, to performing all the stages by hand, in the most traditional way , as we tell you in our article on basic concepts of kneading and techniques. .

Whichever method we use, there are many tools for home baking that make the task much easier, such as scrapers , bannetones to ferment the formed bread, molds and ceramic ovens. Even the kneading robots are a huge help.

Ceramic ovens concentrate heat and lock in moisture for an almost professional-level crust on bread.

accessories for making bread at home

Accessories for making bread at home: "Homemade Bread" book by Ibán Yarza , Emile Henry ceramic oven , banetton to ferment the bread and scraper .

We can use the bread maker only to knead and ferment , and remove the dough to bake it with a ceramic oven, like this semi-whole wheat bread , or use it to make a pizza on an oven tray on purpose so that it is crispy and perfect.

We remind you that a cocotte can also be used to bake loaves in the oven with fantastic results, as we show in this bread with old dough in a cocotte .

I think that after this review of all the utensils available, you have no excuse not to try to make bread at home. We offer you, in addition to all the essential utensils, wonderful books to get you started, such as Hacemos pan , by Ibán Yarza and Alma Obregón.


Rodolfo Langostino said:

Buena receta, te invito a que pruebes esta para hacer hacer pan casero sin amasar.

Cacita said:

Si tenéis sitio para la panificadora, no lo dudeis, compraos una. Panes diversos, bizcochos perfectos..con harinas ya preparadas bio o recetas como las que leo aquí. .Es incuestionable. Y sí que se pueden hacer baguettes con una bandeja adicional.

Manoli said:

La única pega que le veo a las panificadoras es que el pan sale con la forma de pan tipo molde. Está muy bien porque hacen todo el proceso, pero … no hace baguettes. Si amaso en ella pero he de sacar la masa para formar baguettes entonces… ¿compensa?

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