I love raisin bread , and I couldn't stay without having a recipe that would turn out great in the bread maker , because it makes breakfast or mid-morning or afternoon meals much easier for me. I wanted a bread well stuffed with raisins , with a crunchy crust, the kind that when you squeeze it you hear it creak (yes, even being a bread from a bakery) and thick , and this recipe meets all these premises.

Like so many other recipes in a bread maker, it is very easy to make: put all the ingredients in the pan and turn on the machine, with only one exception: we will add the raisins after 20 minutes of turning on the bread maker.

Easy as that, yes. If you are looking for a different and sweet bread without complications, or that solves a breakfast or snack for you, this is your bread.

raisin bread

Large capacity Moulinex bread maker with baguettes accessory


  • 265 ml of water
  • 1/2 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 200 g of flour of force
  • 80 g buckwheat flour (if not available, use rye flour or substitute flour)
  • 75 gr of wheat flour (standard)
  • 1 envelope (5.5 g) dry baker's yeast
  • 75 gr of raisins


  1. Put the water, sugar, salt, and all the flours into the breadmaker's bucket, in that order. Add the dry yeast on top.
  2. Place the tray in the Moulinex bread maker , and program:
    • Program 4 (basic bread)
    • 750 g bread weight
    • Toasting level: lightly toasted (the bread obtained is slightly less than 750 g, and despite programming "lightly toasted" it is baked at a medium level of toasting).
3. Turn on the machine to start kneading. After 20 minutes of starting the program, a "beep" will sound. At that moment, lift the lid of the bread maker and add the 75 or 80 g of raisins. Close the lid, you will see that the bread maker will continue kneading, with subsequent stops to let it rest and rise, and finally it will finish baking.
4. When the program ends, remove the tray from the bread maker and let it warm, to finally unmold on a bread board.
Cut and serve, alone or accompanied by a little butter or chocolate, or with ham or cheeses. Both with sweet and salty it is a delicious bread.

Raisin bread recipe in bread maker


  • Raisin bread is a delicious bread to eat on its own, or to enjoy looking for contrasts: I love it spread well with tomato, applying a good jet of good oil and with a few good flakes of salt, to accompany it with Serrano ham or cheese.
  • Remember that grapes are great companions to cheese, so this sliced ​​and toasted bread will look fabulous on the table next to a good cheese board.
  • It is a bread that I love toasted, I think it adds even more.
  • When I want to have it sweet, I love toasted, with oil and salt and accompanied by dark chocolate -You have a deliciously resolved breakfast or snack!

Raisin bread in moulinex bread maker

I hope you like this bread, and that you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have you tried it? Tell us if you liked it or not!

Do you make a different raisin bread recipe, share it with us!

What other bread maker recipes would you like to discover?


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Hola Delfina, no he probado de hacer pandoro en la panificadora! tendré que ponerlo en la lista de pendientes sin duda! Muchas gracias!! ¡Saludos!

Delfina said:

De panettone, o Pandoro con migade brioche.hojaldrado. De 1kg aprox.tengo la panificadora Moulinex home pequeña .

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