Coles de Bruselas crujientes

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

This recipe is as quick as it is perfect to accompany a meat or fish with a colorful, tasty and healthy food: you will love these crispy Brussels sprouts!
Berenjenas asadas con mató

Roasted aubergines with tomato sauce

I bring an eggplant appetizer that I love to make. It does not involve any work in the kitchen and it is delicious! It is roasted eggplant, with salt, oil, maté or cottage cheese and honey. In that order in which I have mentioned it, in a few minutes you will have it ready and without dirtying the kitchen at all.
Coles de Bruselas asadas con jamón

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Ham

If you are looking for a very quick, healthy recipe for all kinds of situations, this recipe for roasted Brussels sprouts with ham is for you! You prepare it in 1 minute and let the oven work for only 20 minutes, so it is a quick recipe and the most effective.
Recetas de palomitas: palomitas de 3 maneras

Popcorn Recipes: Popcorn 3 Ways

If, like me, you love to enjoy a good movie and you can't imagine doing it without a bowl full of popcorn, I'm going to tell you a secret to have it ready in less time than it will take you to sit on the sofa, without making a mess, and in the pan!

I bring you how to make a variety of popcorn: Mediterranean popcorn, caramelized popcorn and curry popcorn. You can change the recipe every time you change movies and enjoy popcorn like you haven't done before at home!
Cómo hacer castañas cocidas

How to cook chestnuts

Cooking chestnuts, not roasting them, is one of the easiest things you can do if you plan to cook chestnuts and the result is delicious. I fondly remember how at home, when I was little, at dessert time on autumn Sundays, two trays were brought to the table: one with fire-roasted chestnuts, and the other with cooked chestnuts. The truth is that it was difficult to decide which ones were richer. They always disappeared!
Canelés de calabaza especiados

Spiced pumpkin cannelés

You can't go another fall without trying these pumpkin cupcakes . You will touch the sky for being tender and juicy! These cannelés are not only cute to present on the table, by incorporating one of the star ingredients of autumn they are a safe bet for this season.
Masa de pizza en sartén

Pizza dough in pan

You can make pizza without turning on the oven! What do you say to that? The recipe for making pizza in a pan is ideal for making assorted mini pizzas or preparing a delicious individual size pizza, but without having to turn on the oven -yes, there is a pizza recipe without an oven!
Setas al ajillo

Garlic mushrooms

The garlic mushrooms they are an ideal way to enjoy mushrooms. In this case, we do garlic mushrooms , since it is a recipe that you can make all year round. It is an easy and effective recipe.

Alcachofas confitadas en aceite de oliva

Candied artichokes in olive oil

Artichokes are one of my favorite vegetables and, if I have to choose which way to prepare them I like the most, without a doubt I prefer candied artichokes in olive oil. Confit artichokes is a process in which we cook the artichokes submerged in olive oil, at low temperature and for a long time.
Tian de verduras con salsa de tomate al ajo

Vegetable Tian with Garlic Tomato Sauce

Now you can start taking a kitchen mandoline and rich, colorful and varied fresh vegetables: all this is the secret so that this vegetable tian with garlic tomato sauce is as delicious as you see it. That, and the Le Creuset roasting pan, new, light, resistant and fabulous for preparing all kinds of roasts.
Cebolla macerada con atún al vinagre de Módena

Marinated onion with tuna in Modena vinegar

In summer, the queen of salads at home is this recipe for onion marinated in oil and vinegar, which we accompany with tuna. It is not about tuna with onions, a recipe in which the proportion of tuna is higher than that of onion.
Gyozas vegetales (empanadillas chinas)

Vegetable gyozas (Chinese dumplings)

I love the way different Asian cuisines spice up their dishes. The most insipid foods are transformed into tasty morsels, with peculiar and very powerful flavors. Among my favorites are gyozas, Chinese dumplings that I could eat with two hands and every day of the week.