Tiras de calabacín crujientes

Crispy zucchini strips

I love zucchini! And the recipe that I bring you today is perfect to enjoy it. These crispy zucchini strips are perfect to accompany meat, chicken, fried eggs or fish for lunch or dinner. And they are also a wonderful snack to snack between meals, at any time of the day!
Focaccia mediterránea

Mediterranean focaccia

I confess that I am in love with focaccia, whatever the way it is seasoned. Seasoned only with extra virgin olive oil, a little salt and rosemary, I find it delicious both to accompany some cheeses or the salad of the meal, and to eat it as it is. If you like it as much as I do, I invite you to prepare this recipe for Mediterranean focaccia, which with a touch of ham is delicious.
5 recetas de Tostas variadas, fáciles y deliciosas

5 recipes for varied, easy and delicious toasts

Today I come with something different, a selection of toast recipes that are ideal as an improvised dinner or as a quick appetizer and are always a hit with attendees. There is nothing complicated about preparing a variety of toasts and the result is, in addition to being very attractive, very delicious.
Tartaletas de queso cabra y cebolla balsámica caramelizada

Goat cheese and caramelized balsamic onion tartlets

Would you like to try one of my favorite tartlets? These Goat Cheese Tartlets with Balsamic Onion are perfect for those moments when you want to enjoy something tasty and uncomplicated. If you use refrigerated puff pastry, everything becomes much simpler and you just have to be careful when caramelizing the onion, add generous portions of goat cheese and let the oven do its magic until they are golden and crispy.
Gambas flambeadas al whisky y pimientos dulces

Prawns flambéed with whiskey and sweet peppers

If there is a dish that tastes like summer, it is prawns and prawns. Cooked in any way they are delicious. This recipe for flambéed prawns with whiskey and sweet peppers is a fantastic option to enjoy both for lunch and dinner and also, why not, as a fantastic appetizer.
Delicias marinas: Pulpo en tempura con alioli de wasabi y cilantro

Sea delights: Octopus in tempura with wasabi and coriander aioli

The heat is here and it is the perfect time to enjoy delicious tapas and refreshing flavors! Take note of this irresistible recipe for "Tempura octopus with wasabi and cilantro aioli", because it is an ideal option to share and enjoy on warm summer days.
Receta de bolas energéticas de albaricoque y frutos secos

Apricot Energy Delights

Do you want a sweet snack, with healthy ingredients and that fills you with energy? If the answer is yes, look no further! Because I bring you a recipe so that you can make it at home, which not only meets all the above requirements, but is also very quick and easy to make. Pay attention, because these energetic apricot treats are a most tempting treat.
Sashimi de salmón

salmon sashimi

One of my favorite Japanese dishes is salmon sashimi. It is also true that I love salmon in any form, as I am sure you have already seen in the different recipes on the blog. The recipe that I am sharing today is very simple to prepare, but something very important should be taken into account and that is that, above all else, the salmon must be as fresh as possible.
Guisantes verdes picantes

Spicy green peas

Bringing you a flavorful appetizer, snack or side dish: these Pan-fried Spicy Green Peas are the easiest Indian recipe to make and a delicious bite to eat. The sweetness of the peas and the acidity of the lemon make this recipe very fresh and mixes with the intense flavor of spices, with a most surprising result. Undoubtedly, due to its intense flavor, this recipe is a great representative of Indian cuisine (you can also find them as "batany fry").
Árbol de hojaldre relleno de pesto

Puff pastry tree stuffed with pesto

For passionate cooks and appreciative diners, there is nothing more expected on these dates than having on the table any dish that smells, tastes or transmits Christmas. Traditional stews are received with joy every year, because they are part of those moments that remain etched in our memory. But new recipes are also expected to delight your guests, and this Basil Pesto Stuffed Christmas Tree will do the trick.
Dátiles con nueces

dates with walnuts

I bring you two recipes with dates that are as beautiful as they are surprising. One is a most elegant appetizer and with which you will look fabulous when you present it at the Sunday table. The second proposal is a dessert or snack to finish the meal, with which you are looking for a smooth combination of flavors and play with textures.
Cómo hacer buñuelos de bacalao

cod fritters

These cod fritters are delicious freshly made, when they are still piping hot. You can serve them with some kind of sauce (mayonnaise, tartar...), as chunks of stewed beans or on their own, which is how I like them best. Although surely you can think of other ways to consume them.