In the wide range of appetizers and bites that delight palates around the world, confusion often arises over the terms used to describe these gastronomic delights. Let's demystify some of these common terms and clarify the differences between canapé, montadito, pincho and other classic appetizers. In the end, I leave you with links to some recipes that I think you will love to see (And enjoy!).

1) Canape

  • Definition: Of French origin, canapé refers to small bites consisting of a base of toasted bread or small slices of bread on which various ingredients are delicately arranged.
  • Characteristics: Small size, elaborate presentation with decorative ingredients, ideal as an aperitif at social events.

2) Montadito

  • Definition: Originating in Spanish cuisine, montadito is similar to canapé, but usually has a slightly larger bread base and may contain more substantial ingredients.
  • Characteristics: Slightly larger size than the canapé, slice of bread as a base, they are assembled with stronger ingredients and varied flavors.

NOTE: The main difference between a canapé and a montadito lies in their cultural origins and some characteristics in the way of preparation and presentation: while canapés have their origin in French gastronomy and stand out for their small size and their elaborate presentation on A base of toasted bread, montaditos are from the Spanish tradition, slightly larger and usually have stronger ingredients, although they are still small bites served as tapas or appetizers.

3) Skewer

  • Definition: Pinchos consist of foods skewered on toothpicks or skewers; they may include meat, fish, vegetables, among other ingredients.
  • Characteristics: Preparation skewered on a toothpick, can be served hot or cold, common in Spanish tapas cuisine.

4) Other Classic Preparations for the aperitif


  • Definition: The tapa is a small portion of food that is served as an appetizer or accompaniment to drinks in Spanish culture. It is common to ask for it when placing an order in bars and restaurants, and is usually a way to taste a variety of flavors before the main meal. Tapas can cover a wide range of dishes, from simple ones such as olives, bravas potatoes or meatballs, to more elaborate preparations such as Spanish omelettes, Galician-style octopus, fried squid, among other typical dishes of Spanish gastronomy.
  • Characteristics: Serves as an appetizer or accompaniment to drinks in bars and restaurants, offering the opportunity to taste a variety of flavors and dishes before the main meal.


  • Definition: Provençal pasta or sauce made of olives, capers, olive oil, and sometimes anchovies, garlic and lemon, used as an appetizer or accompaniment.
  • Characteristics: Dense and tasty sauce, ideal for spreading on bread or accompanying other foods.


  • Definition: Slices of toasted bread covered with fresh tomato, garlic and olive oil, originally from Italian cuisine.
  • Characteristics: Traditional presentation with tomato, garlic and olive oil on crusty bread.


  • Definition: Balls or cylinders of dough based on bechamel and other ingredients such as meat, fish or vegetables, breaded and fried.
  • Characteristics: Creamy texture on the inside, crispy on the outside, may contain different fillings.

I don't know if you will agree that in the culinary world terminology can be confusing, but understanding the differences between canapé, montadito, pincho and other classic preparations helps us appreciate the diversity and richness of international gastronomy. With these clear definitions, get ready to enjoy a wide variety of flavors and try them all in and out of the kitchen!

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