Bizcocho de fresas y chocolate blanco

Bizcocho de fresas y chocolate blanco

Desde que probé por primera vez un bizcocho de fresas con chocolate, se convirtió en uno de mis favoritos. ¡Y no podéis imaginar lo riquísima que está esta receta! La jugosidad que toma el bizcocho, junto con el sabor de las fresas asadas, hace que cada bocado sepa a gloria.
Cazuelita de huevos con gambas, vino blanco y azafrán-Claudia&Julia

Egg casserole with shrimp, white wine and saffron

Get ready, because today I bring you one of those recipes that I like so much, in which to obtain a wonderful result, you barely have to get complicated in the kitchen. You will see how when you try this egg casserole with shrimp, white wine and saffron, you will repeat it ad nauseam.
Brochetas de salmón marinadas al limón y ajo-Claudia&Julia

Lemon and garlic marinated salmon skewers

When the good weather invites us to enjoy meals outdoors, there is no better way to celebrate than by lighting up the grill to prepare something special. Today I propose a recipe that captures the essence of these moments, the Lemon Marinated Salmon Skewers, perfect for cooking on your Le Creuset iron grill or on the traditional barbecue.
Receta de rosquillas rápidas

Microwave Vanilla Donuts (Donuts®︎ express)

This sweet adventure today promises to satisfy a whim without taking too much time in the kitchen! Today I bring you a simply irresistible recipe: Vanilla Donuts in the Microwave, a delicious and quick dessert or snack to prepare, and without frying!, that will become your new favorite for those moments when you need a sweet treat without complications. Yes, I'm talking about making Donuts®︎ quickly and without frying.
Receta de pollo al curry-Claudia&Julia

Chicken curry recipe

In this chicken curry recipe, I'll walk you through an easy and delicious version of this classic dish. With accessible ingredients and a step-by-step process with photos, you can enjoy a super tasty chicken curry, in the purest Indian style, in no time.
Tortilla de patata trufada-Claudia&Julia

Truffled potato omelette

Can you imagine combining the tradition of a potato omelette with the elegance of truffle? This classic recipe from Spanish gastronomy is a delight on its own, but today we add a touch of sophistication. In the Dupla Bra frying pan, the double frying pan that makes cooking easier (and certainly flipping!), we have found the perfect ally to take this recipe to the next level.
Steak Tartar-Claudia&Julia

Steak Tartare

Today we enter the delicious world of steak tartare, a dish that arouses passion among lovers of raw meat and that has earned a place of honor in our gastronomic gatherings. And you should know that, although it is served in the best restaurants as a most gourmet dish, it is a recipe accessible to everyone - in fact, preparing it is easy!
Bizcochos salados de parmesano y cebolleta-Claudia&Julia

Savory parmesan and chive biscuits

Today we bring a recipe that redefines the concept of sponge cakes, taking them into the territory of salty and sophisticated flavors without a gram of sugar: Salty parmesan and chive sponge cakes, prepared in individual ramekins . The absence of sugar in this type of recipe is completely normal and desirable, given its salty character and the presence of ingredients with strong flavor profiles such as parmesan, chives, and spices.
Lomo de res con salsa barbacoa casera, patatas asadas y cebolla caramelizada-Claudia&Julia

Beef tenderloin with homemade barbecue sauce, roasted potatoes and caramelized onion

What could be more welcoming than a tasty steak with roast potatoes and caramelized onions at a holiday gathering? This dish, which perfectly combines the juiciness of a good steak with the softness of potatoes and the sweet flavor of caramelized onion, is the very definition of culinary comfort. The special touch is also provided by the homemade barbecue sauce, which with an amalgamation of unique flavors will give something to talk about at the table!
Receta para hacer castañas cocidas

How to cook chestnuts

Cooking chestnuts, not roasting them, is one of the easiest things you can do if you plan to cook chestnuts and the result is delicious. I fondly remember how at home, when I was little, at dessert time on autumn Sundays, two trays were brought to the table: one with fire-roasted chestnuts, and the other with cooked chestnuts. The truth is that it was difficult to decide which ones were richer. They always disappeared!