Can you imagine combining the tradition of a potato omelette with the elegance of truffle? This classic recipe from Spanish gastronomy is a delight on its own, but today we add a touch of sophistication . In the Dupla Bra frying pan , the double frying pan that makes cooking easier (and certainly flipping!), we have found the perfect ally to take this recipe to the next level.

We invite you to discover our version of the truffled potato omelette, an elegant and sophisticated reinterpretation that will seduce your palate with its irresistible combination of flavors.

With this recipe, we want to celebrate March 9, the day on which Potato Tortilla Day is celebrated, a date dedicated to this emblematic dish of Spanish gastronomy. This celebration pays tribute to the versatility and popularity of the potato omelette, which has conquered the palates of people around the world. From the most traditional versions to the most innovative reinterpretations, the potato omelette is a symbol of home cooking and deliciously comforting.

Who can resist the charm of a good potato omelette?

Truffled potato omelette



  1. Peel the potatoes, and wash them well under the tap in a colander to remove the starch. Dry them with absorbent paper before continuing.
  2. On a kitchen board, cut the potatoes into thin slices or small cubes, and place them in the BRA Dupla frying pan with a little oil.
  3. Cook the potatoes over medium-low heat, keeping the pan covered, to poach them, preventing them from turning golden brown (we want them to become tender, not fry them).
  4. Meanwhile, finely chop the onion and add it to the pan.
  5. Let the potatoes cook slowly with the lid on until they are tender. If necessary, add a little more oil during the process. Once cooked, remove from the pan with the help of a slotted spoon, reserve on a plate with absorbent paper and season with salt to taste.
  6. In a bowl, add the eggs and season each one with a pinch of salt.
  7. Beat the eggs, not excessively. Then, add the reserved potatoes and onion to the same container.
  8. Add the grated or chopped truffle, mix to distribute and adjust the seasoning if necessary.
  9. Heat the Dupla frying pan again, and now add a little truffle oil. When hot, pour in the egg and potato mixture.
  10. Use a silicone or wooden spatula to gently mix to ensure the eggs begin to set. After a few minutes, when it looks done on one side, turn the tortilla over by closing and turning the pan (since it is tightly closed, there is no danger of spilling anything), and brown the other side for another two minutes or so. you see necessary. If you see fit, you can close the pan again and finish browning the first side.
  11. Unclip the top pan from the Dupla and carefully remove the omelet to a plate. To enjoy!
    Potato omelette at Dupla


      • If you want, you can skip adding onion. You already know that the decision to add it or not is really controversial and a matter of personal taste.
      • If you have truffled eggs, you can skip adding truffle oil or the cut truffle (one or the other, but it is important to keep one of them to ensure that the flavor is appreciated).
      • The aroma of TartufLanghe oil is wonderful and intense. Do not apply a large amount, you will see that with just a little bit it will flood you with aroma. If you want, when adding oil to the pan, you can combine it with olive oil if you want to reduce the intensity of the truffle flavor. In fact, that's why that little bottle of liquid gold lasts so long, it goes a long way!
      • If you want, instead of truffled oil you can substitute it with truffled salt when seasoning the potatoes or egg. The TartufLanghe truffled salt is really intense and with a pinch the omelet will also acquire a great flavor.
      • Truffle is an exquisite flavor, but it can have a strong or too intense aroma. If you want, you can make the truffled potato omelette simply using the truffle oil and/or truffled salt, and avoid directly using the preserved truffle (even so, I insist, do not exceed the amount of oil or truffled salt in the recipe because its aroma is very intense, and a little is enough).

      Dupla BRA Frying Pan


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