Tarta de masa quebrada rellena de chocolate extracremoso

Tarta de masa quebrada rellena de chocolate extracremoso

Esta tarta de masa quebrada rellena de chocolate extracremoso es lo que buscas si estás pensando en un postre perfecto para sorprender y deleitar a tus invitados a partes iguales. Es el fin de fiesta perfecto, sobre todo si adoras el chocolate.
Brookie, la mezcla de brownie y galleta perfecta-Claudia&Julia

Brookie, the perfect brownie and cookie mix

Imagine fusing the indulgence of a dense, chocolatey brownie with the crunchy joy of a chocolate chip cookie. This sweet tooth dream comes true in our brookies recipe, a dessert that promises to capture hearts and delight palates.
Tarta fácil de caramelo salado y chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Easy Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake

Uncomplicated but with all the indulgence we could want, this caramel and chocolate cake is simply one of the easiest recipes you can make... But it is delicious! If you shape it into a heart, it is also the perfect recipe for Valentine's Day, or to make love shine at home. Are you up for that?
Pastel de manzanas y nueces caramelizadas en croûte-Claudia&Julia

Apple and caramelized walnut pie en croûte

One of the delicacies that cannot be missing in any homemade sweets recipe is apple pie. Whether in its most classic version with a puff pastry base or cooked upside down with the illustrious surname Tatin, any preparation that combines a crunchy dough with apples is a guaranteed success. And that is precisely what you are going to get with this caramelized apple and walnut pie en croûte.
Tarta de Manzana y Canela al estilo Jack Skellington-Claudia&Julia

Apple and Cinnamon Cake Jack Skellington Style

A cake filled with apple with a touch of cinnamon, can you resist? During the Halloween season, we are all looking for treats with a mysterious and festive touch. And what better way to celebrate this season than with a Jack Skellington Apple Pie?
Tarta Karpatka (la popular tarta polaca, paso a paso)-Claudia&Julia

Karpatka cake (the popular Polish cake, step by step)

Choux dough lovers, this recipe is without a doubt for you. I present to you a preparation that, I am sure, will become part of your recipe book, Karpatka Cake, a famous Polish cake made with choux dough and vanilla mousseline cream.

Tarta de fresas y albahaca-Claudia&Julia

Strawberry and Basil Tart

Combining strawberries and basil, don't you think it's a wonderful success? In case you have any doubts, today's recipe will dispel them all just by taking a bite of the wonderful strawberry and basil tart that I am showing you today. A cake with a lot of flavor and full of fresh and spring aromas, perfect to serve at any time of the day.
Tarta tiramisú-Claudia&Julia

tiramisu cake

Go ahead, before anyone raises their hand, this tiramisu cake recipe is a version of one of the quintessential Italian desserts, a different way of preparing and presenting it that, I can assure you, is delicious.
Tarta de flan de chocolate

chocolate custard tart

It's International Chocolate Cake Day, and to honor it we bring you an authentic delight for cocoa lovers: a cake filled with chocolate flan! The result of this cake is similar to that of a cheesecake, as far as the texture of the filling is concerned: soft and enveloping, each bite fills you with the most delicious cocoa flavor.
Casca de Reis (casca de Reyes)-Claudia&Julia

Casca de Reis (Casca de Reyes)

I am fascinated by all the classic, traditional elaborations and even with an old or vintage look. I think they have a very distinctive quirky elegance that makes it hard to draw attention away from them. Among the wide variety of sweets typical of these dates, this year you cannot stop preparing the Casca de Reis, the typical Valencian Christmas sweet that must be present on the table on Three Kings Day.

Tarta de queso de tres capas de arándanos (Ombre Cheesecake, sin horno)

Three Layer Blueberry Cheesecake (Ombre Cheesecake, No Bake)

Festive, colorful... and very easy to do! Whoever sees it falls in love with this three-color cheesecake... and whoever tries it will undoubtedly repeat it. It is a blueberry cheesecake, a cake without an oven that is served in gelatin to set in the fridge.
Tarta de crème brulée-Claudia&Julia

creme brulee tart

The crème brulée is the French cousin-sister of what we know as Catalan cream. Softer, I would say, and with a delicious vanilla flavor, which makes it delicious. In this cake with a sweet almond base and crème brulee as a filling, you will enjoy it like never before.