Cazuelita de huevos con gambas, vino blanco y azafrán-Claudia&Julia

Egg casserole with shrimp, white wine and saffron

Get ready, because today I bring you one of those recipes that I like so much, in which to obtain a wonderful result, you barely have to get complicated in the kitchen. You will see how when you try this egg casserole with shrimp, white wine and saffron, you will repeat it ad nauseam.
Bizcochos salados de parmesano y cebolleta-Claudia&Julia

Savory parmesan and chive biscuits

Today we bring a recipe that redefines the concept of sponge cakes, taking them into the territory of salty and sophisticated flavors without a gram of sugar: Salty parmesan and chive sponge cakes, prepared in individual ramekins . The absence of sugar in this type of recipe is completely normal and desirable, given its salty character and the presence of ingredients with strong flavor profiles such as parmesan, chives, and spices.
Brownies de chocolate en mini cocotte (o bizcochos tiernos de chocolate)-Claudia&Julia

Chocolate brownies in mini cocotte (or soft chocolate cakes)

As we know that brownies are one of those delicious cakes that we would fight over, today we bring them in an individual version! You could also call these brownies made in mini-cocotte Tender sponge cakes with a chocolate heart - because in fact, being a brownie, in this recipe we cheat... we add yeast so that they puff up and are super cute in the mini. And like any brownie, it is one of the simplest preparations you can make!
Huevos en mini cocotte: ¡Listos en pocos minutos!-Claudia&Julia

Eggs in mini cocotte: Ready in just a few minutes!

I'm not discovering anything new if I tell you that I love eggs cooked in any way. And it is not news that I am enthusiastic about quick, easy and decisive recipes. Well, these eggs in mini cocotte really are a brilliant breakfast, or a delicious and super quick lunch or dinner! Because not only are they delicious, but the difficulty in preparing them is non-existent.
Brie al horno con mantequilla de salvia-Claudia&Julia

Baked Brie with Sage Butter

If mini-cocottes have something, it is that they are practical. They allow you to make some eggs in the microwave in no time, or bake delicious individual biscuits, or present an appetizer without complications... Like this delicious baked brie that we bring today!
Lava cake o pastel volcán de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Lava cake or chocolate volcano cake

Pay close attention, because today's recipe is not for any ordinary cake, but is pure exaltation of chocolatier pleasure. The lava cake or molten chocolate cake is reminiscent of the exquisite chocolate coulant, an excellent pastry preparation that, well prepared, makes you cry with emotion. Today I bring you the step by step to make the lava cake.
Huevos con jamón y Comté en cocotte

Eggs with ham and Comté en cocotte

You can make them in the oven or in the microwave, and I assure you that this recipe for eggs in mini-cocotte with ham and cheese will be part of the family's weekly cookbook from the moment you try it.

It is a very easy recipe to prepare, which you can make in the oven or in the microwave in 2 minutes.
Pastel de pastor de champiñones, lentejas y alubias carillas

Shepherd's pie with mushrooms, lentils and blackeye beans

We bring you the popular English shepherd's pie recipe in a vegetarian version full of flavor and energy, just as this recipe should be. The traditional shepherd's pie is a typical British dish of cooking, the easiest and most succulent and that uses the cooked meat that has been left over from the holidays, and that is crowned with a layer of mashed potato au gratin.
Bizcochos de Halloween: Arañas de chocolate y cacahuete

Halloween Cupcakes: Chocolate Peanut Spiders

With these creepy chocolate spiders, beyond preparing a Halloween recipe, you are going to prepare some delicious chocolate and peanut biscuits .
Mini Dutch Pancakes

Mini Dutch Pancakes

If we talk about pancakes the possibilities are endless and if we talk about dutch
pancake too. Normally this is the name given to the pancakes that are made in the oven and in an iron skillet, but we are going to give it a spin and we are going to prepare them in individual size and in mini cocottes.
Tarta de pudín de limón

lemon pudding cake

If there is any dessert that is the most fluffy and soft, it is this lemon pudding cake that we bring you today. We bring it in an individual version, presented in the Le Creuset mini cocottes that we like so much, both to present at the table and to bake, because the truth is that there are some luxury biscuits left!
Paté de campagne

country pate

When it's time to eat outdoors and enjoy delicious appetizers, it's an ideal time to prepare homemade pate de campagne, this time made in a mini-cocotte.