Receta de masa de crepes francesa-Claudia&Julia

French crepe dough recipe

Today I'm excited to share a little piece of French cuisine that steals hearts: the French recipe for making crepe dough. And best of all, it arrives just in time to celebrate International Crepe Day!

Imagine the irresistible aroma of crepes browning in the pan, ready to be filled with your favorite ingredients.
Apple Ebelskivers: Bolas de Manzana especiadas-Claudia&Julia

Apple Ebelskivers: Spiced Apple Balls

Ebelskivers are small Danish dumplings (originally from Denmark) that are cooked in a special pan with round compartments. These dumplings are similar in texture to pancakes, but have a rounded shape and are usually filled with a variety of ingredients, such as fruit, jam, chocolate, cheese, or even meat, depending on the recipe.
De la Nostalgia al Plato ¡Las 3 recetas de pancakes de hace 70 años que aún triunfan!-Claudia&Julia

From Nostalgia to the Plate The 3 pancake recipes from 70 years ago that still succeed!

I come with something very special, the 3 original Nordic Ware pancake recipes from the 50s! Yes, today is a full-fledged tribute to one of our favorite brands: Nordic Ware. And since tributes are always beautiful celebrations, I bring you three pancake recipes that will delight everyone at home.
Barquillos rellenos de crema o nata (neulas tradicionales rellenas)-Claudia&Julia

Wafers filled with cream or cream (traditional stuffed neulas)

If something makes a traditional holiday in my house it is to bring to the table some wafers or stuffed "neulas", as we always call them at home. We love them! They are never lacking on the Christmas and Easter table, and we take them out after dessert, along with nougats or tea cakes, at coffee time. They're a perfect sweet bite to end the meal, AND they're so easy to make at home!
Crepes de hamburguesa americana, cebolla a la miel y queso de cabra

American hamburger crepes, honey onion and goat cheese

Beyond traditional crepes, there is a world of original crepes to discover. Today I bring you a very tasty savory crepe: American hamburger crepe, sweet onion with honey and goat cheese. A winning combination!
Frisuelos tradicionales

traditional fries

I like to make traditional desserts, desserts with a history like these traditional frisuelos that are made in Asturias and whose recipe has been passed down from father to son over and over again.

Galettes bretonnes

Breton galettes

Today is crepe day and Miriam, the Winter Guest, brings us what the French call galette complete: a crepe with cheese, ham and egg. An explosive combination to make your loved ones enjoy a most Breton dinner. Happy day!

Tortitas de verduras y queso

Vegetable and cheese pancakes

Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, brings us some salty pancakes that, with a touch of cheese and accompanied by a good sauce, will quickly become a most appetizing dinner. Bon Appetite!

El día de la Crêpe

The day of the crepe

French tradition says that crêpes should be prepared on February 2nd. They can be sweet or savory, but when making them you must turn the crêpes with one hand, while holding 2 coins with the other. Those two coins will be wrapped in the crêpe and kept like that for a whole year, and the following year those coins will be given to the poor.

Ideas para sacar todo el partido a tu crepera

Ideas to get the most out of your crepe

A few days ago, a friend asked me for information about the pancakes that we have in the store. She told me that her daughter had ordered one for Reyes, since lately she was very fond of crepes because one of her grandparents made them every week.
Ideas para regalar

gift ideas

Joy takes over me when December arrives. Christmas is approaching, a date that I love: thinking about family meals, those meals that sometimes end up as dinners, and also seeing the illusion of the children when they wake up and run to look next to the tree.

Crepe de quesos y nueces y crepe caprese

Cheese and walnut crepe and caprese crepe

I remember the first day I made crepes at home: I doubted how they would be made, I thought it would be complicated, that I wouldn't know how to turn them or that they would be too thick. Without a doubt, the first one I did was not a good one, but after the experience of the first one, the second one turned out very well for me.