A few days ago, a friend asked me for information about the crepe makers we have in the store. She told me that her daughter had ordered one for Reyes, since lately she had been very fond of crepes because one of her grandparents made them every week.

This conversation made me think about all the people I know who love crepes and about the crepe maker as a gift. I have always thought that the crepe is an original gift and that it can bring a lot of fun snacks or dinners to any house, since preparing them is really easy (you only have to mix milk, eggs, flour and salt).

In the store we have them made of iron and aluminum with non-stick. Unless the person receiving the gift already has iron cookware, I think it's best to give a nonstick crepe maker like the Le Creuset or the BRA Efficient Orange . If, on the other hand, you are interested in an iron crepe maker, I recommend the post that Miriam prepared here .

crepes in crepe

Ideas and fillings for making crepes

Crepes can be combined with almost any ingredient. If we talk about savory crepes, we can use some common fillings such as cheese, chicken, ham, tortilla or mushrooms. They are foods that combine very well with crepes, but the options are endless: we can make tomato crepes with cheese and sausage, with all kinds of meat and spices, add lettuce or lamb's lettuce, fill them with vegetables such as asparagus or spinach, etc...

I also recommend you take a look at our pantry section . You will find many ideal ingredients to accompany or season your savory crepes, such as special sauces or oils to give a different touch, chutneys that will be fabulous with cheese, foie gras, tuna, cheese mousses or cream cheese and truffles, dried tomato or all kinds of peppers.

If we talk about sweet crepes, there is life beyond sugar, chocolate or jam! Above all, I recommend adding fresh fruit to the typical chocolate crepe, or even using only fruit and a little honey to make a delicious sweet crepe that is not very caloric. Some fruits that combine very well with crepes are baked apple, banana, peach, strawberries, etc.
We can also accompany the fruit with a little yogurt or with jam . In fact, one of my favorite crepes I prepare using raspberries (they can also be frozen) and raspberry jam (I heat it all up in a saucepan until it boils and I use it as a filling).

In our blog you can find crepe recipes or some filling ideas such as Miriam's crepe cake (which can also be prepared as a normal crepe), Raquel's cheese crepe recipe or Carmen's cheese and caprese crepe recipes .

Buyer iron crepe maker and Le Creuset iron crepe maker

I hope I have encouraged you to use your crepe maker more and I encourage you to share your own ideas and recipes in the comments!

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