Miriam, author of The Winter Guest , brings us some salty pancakes that, with a touch of cheese and accompanied by a good sauce, will quickly become a most appetizing dinner. Enjoy!

It's been a while since I discovered salty vegetable pancakes , which also rise to a level of excellence with cheese . Pancakes, pancakes or even savory crepes make me crazy, I would eat them every day, but if we put vegetables inside they also calm our conscience. Yes.

The basis of these pancakes is that the dough is prepared with cheese and chopped or pureed vegetables , in addition to the traditional ingredients, that is, eggs, flour, etc.

These savory pancakes can be served plain or with a sauce, like the thick cayenne-sugar flavored yogurt seen in the photos. The slightly rabid yellow color is due solely to the large proportion of egg and vegetables.

B De Buyer mineral iron crepe maker , Emile Henry ceramic ramekins , Mediterranean crystal pitcher , Mediterranean crystal glasses and Textured porcelain plates from Tokyo Design.

Ingredients (for about 12 small pancakes)

  • A good handful of vegetables to taste (I used a bouquet of broccoli)
  • 3 eggs
  • Salt to taste
  • 100g of fresh cheese or chopped cottage cheese
  • 50g of plain flour
  • 2 tbsp. olive oil
  • Water to adjust consistency if necessary
  • Some spice if we like, like cayenne, curry powder, pepper, etc.
  • Some additional butter or oil for curdling the pancakes


  1. The vegetables that we are going to use in the pancakes can be cooked or added raw. In the case of the broccoli used, we have slightly steamed it and then we have crushed it together with the dough.
  2. Likewise, the vegetables can be completely crushed or finely chopped, to the taste of each one. And we can also add some chopped herbs and spices. I have put a little ground cayenne to give them a spicy touch.
  3. In a robot or mixer we put the cheese, flour, olive oil, salt and eggs. We mix well.
  4. Add the vegetables and grind until you get a paste with the consistency of sweet pancakes.
  5. If the paste is very thick (it will depend on the liquid of the vegetables and the size of the eggs) we add some water. If, on the contrary, it was very liquid, we would add some flour.
  6. Heat a crepe maker ( I have used De Buyer) well greased with olive oil or butter, until it is quite hot, but without smoking.
  7. With a ladle we are dosing the dough to make the blinis-sized pancakes. Cook on both sides until well curdled, turning carefully with a spatula .
  8. We are stacking them on a plate , covered with a cloth so they don't get cold. When we finish the dough, we serve them immediately, alone or with the seasoning we prefer (as I mentioned in the intro, a flavored yogurt sauce is great for them)

Emile Henry ceramic ramekins , Mediterranean glass pitcher , Mediterranean crystal glasses and Textured porcelain plates from Tokyo Design.

And haha, to enjoy a very easy and very healthy dish, and perfect for those days when you don't really want to fight with your children to get them to eat vegetables... I'll drop it.

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