Flan de coco

Coconut flan

I love coconut. It is something that has no remedy, so rather than hide my little passion, I try to exploit it to the fullest. One of my favorite uses is in flans and puddings, and today I'm leaving you with a recipe that comes out round. More than round, you get some flans of vice!
Vasos de yogur con manzana asada a la canela

Cinnamon Roasted Apple Yogurt Cups

Preparing roasted pear or apple is the easiest, fastest and most delicious thing there is, and you will imagine that made with a touch of cinnamon and combined with yogurt it is a delicious recipe. Today I bring you how to make these cups of yogurt and pear roasted with cinnamon, which you have ready before you say "pleas".
Flan de leche condensada

Flan of condensed milk

Surely condensed milk flan is one of the most popular traditional flans. If you haven't prepared it at home yet, you should know that you have probably taken it because, due to its vanilla flavor and how easy it is to prepare, it is often the recipe for homemade flan that is served in many restaurants.
Yogurt de limón con crema de limón

Lemon yogurt with lemon cream

Are you one of those who consume yogurt frequently? If so, preparing yogurt at home is the best solution, not only because you choose the ingredients you use and forget about the flavoring, preservatives and all the litter of additives, but also because it couldn't be easier.

Vasitos de crema de chocolate y café

Cups of chocolate and coffee cream

Making desserts at home is rewarding, as well as delicious and, I must admit, really addictive! Especially when you discover how easy it can be to make recipes as delicious as the one Virginia brings us today, author of Sweet&Sour blog . You will love this chocolate cream dessert.
Pan de ciruelas y almendras. Queso casero de hierbas y nueces

Plum and almond bread. Homemade herb and walnut cheese

Those of you who don't know her yet, little by little you will discover that Virginia is a gastronomic blogger who loves to prepare different recipes. Different in the best way, of course. And the difference is often given by some unusual ingredients in our kitchens, or a different touch that gives the meals that he prepares a very personal flavor.
Tarta de queso y tocino de cielo

Cheesecake and bacon from heaven

Our friend Laura, from gastroblog Because , surprises us by using the multidelice yogurt maker to make delicious individual cheesecake desserts. Or is it that you thought that the yogurt maker was only for making yogurt? It gives for much more!
Elaborar yogures y postres con yogurtera

Make yoghurts and desserts with a yoghurt maker

Far from just making homemade yogurt, in the yogurt maker you can prepare countless desserts (why else would they call it Multidelicias Yogurt Maker ?), from custards and creams to puddings, flans, fresh cheese or even biscuits. After all, an electric yoghurt maker is a steam cooking device.