I love coconut. It is something that has no remedy, so rather than hide my little passion I try to exploit it to the fullest. One of my favorite uses is in flans and puddings, and today I am leaving you a recipe for coconut flan that comes out round. More than round, you get some custards of vice! With the right point of sweetness, the perfect touch of coconut to identify that main ingredient, the right egg flavor to enjoy the flan properly and the perfect amount of coconut flakes to find that greater density in the flan base. texture that is enjoyed so much together with the flavor of caramel. Did I tell you that making flans is another of my passions?

On this occasion I have made the recipe in the popular Tefal Multidelices yogurt maker , although you can also make it in custard cups or the XL custard mold (I'll tell you about it in the notes).

So practical, clean and free of complications, the Multidelices yogurt maker is ideal, even more so now in summer: it saves us from turning on the oven and stove for the bain-marie, and its glass jars are wonderful: you can eat the flans directly in them, and they are really easy to clean. Also, I must confess that I really like those jars: being glass, of a good size and with a lid, I often use them as containers to store small amounts of sauce or oil that I have left over or to take a small snack in the kitchen. table.

If you want to know how the yogurt maker works, you should know that it is a very simple appliance: it has a base that heats up, and evaporates the water that you apply to it before use. Fill the jars with your mixture to make yogurt, flans, custard, fresh cheese... , incorporate them into the yogurt maker support and start it. The yogurt maker has a few programs that are useful for a multitude of things (quick yogurt, daily desserts, fresh cheese... these are the main ones). The only thing the machine does is use those standards to heat the water more or less quickly and stay on for more or less time, although you can also adapt their time if you're interested. Once the program has been chosen, press the OK button to start it and the yogurt maker will curdle your yogurts and flans.

The best thing about the yogurt maker is how easy it makes it for you - it saves you from turning on the stove and oven, and assembling the pieces to make a bain-marie. Plus, mason jars are stylish and practical, and they're nice to eat in, so unlike making custards in stainless steel flan trays, you can eat them right out of them. I think you will like to see what the yogurt maker allows you to do, you will see it in the recipe book that you can download from the product page, look in the description text and you will find it.

Coconut flan in yogurt maker

Multidelices Yogurt Maker


  • 6 eggs
  • 130 gr sugar
  • 45 gr of grated coconut*
  • 300ml coconut milk
  • 110ml whole milk
  • Liquid caramel for the bottom of the jars (and for serving time)
  • A handful of raisins (optional)
  • Cinnamon (optional, when serving)
*If you have one or have a mincer, 15 gr of finely ground coconut, and 35 gr of usual grated coconut, to find the ideal amount of sweetness and coconut density in the texture.


    1. We incorporate all the ingredients in a bowl or in the KitchenAid bowl. We mix well.
    2. We incorporate liquid caramel in the bottoms of the 6 jars.
    3. We put a little water in the Tefal yogurt maker (up to the first line or a little more), turn on the yogurt maker and press "Program 4" (desserts), 55 minutes.
    4. We turn on and wait for the yogurt maker to curdle the flans.
    5. Leave in the fridge until the next day.

    I recommend serving it with an extra splash of liquid caramel, cinnamon and raisins.

    Coconut flan in yogurt maker Multidelices


    • Raisins can be incorporated into the mix or you can use them to accompany the flan when serving. If you like them, you will be interested to know that raisins and coconut go together wonderfully.
    • When serving, you can serve the jars directly or remove them from the mold (as they are made of glass, you will see that they can be easily removed, just run a knife along the sides).
    • You can make the coconut flan recipe without a yogurt maker: you just have to apply the liquid caramel directly to individual flaneras or the XL flanera from Kitchen Craft , and put them in a bain-marie in the oven for about 55 minutes, at 180 ºC.
    • Since I have an extra set of jars for the yogurt maker, I get much more out of it: I no longer have to wait to finish all the custards or yogurts I have in the fridge to prepare more. Thus, I have it constantly running, and I always have a variety of desserts in the fridge. You can buy sets of glass jars for the yogurt maker, or glasses or an XL jar to make large-sized desserts here . I think they are a good buy.
    Recipes in multidelices yogurt maker


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