Our friend Laura, from the gastroblog Because , surprises us using the multidelices yogurt maker to make some delicious individual cheesecake desserts. Or did you think that the yogurt maker was only for making yogurt? It gives for much more!

It's a joy to come home after a hot day and know that a creamy and refreshing dessert like this awaits you in the fridge... the clin clin that the spoon makes when eating it and how the hand you hold it with gets cold the jar... mmm... At home we get a lot out of the Tefal multidelices yogurt maker , since in addition to always having natural homemade yogurt, we also encourage ourselves to prepare special desserts. These cheese and bacon tarts from heaven are the bomb, they have a delicious flavor that will not leave you indifferent. We encourage you to try them!


For the sky bacon:

  • Liquid caramel 130 gr egg yolks (8 yolks approx.)
  • 370g condensed milk

For the cream cheese:

  • 250gr Philadelphia cream cheese
  • 1 plain yogurt
  • 2-3 tablespoons icing sugar (to taste)
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 2 sheets of neutral gelatin
  • some water
  • and lemon juice to dissolve the gelatin


For the bacon with the multidelices yogurt maker (6 jars):

  1. Pour the caramel into the bottom of the jars and reserve.
  2. Mix the yolks well and add the condensed milk. Mix well and fill jars about halfway.
  3. Fill the bottom of the yogurt maker with water up to the mark and program the dessert function for 25 minutes. When you have finished uncover and wait for it to warm up. Reserve.

For the cream cheese:

  1. Mix the cheese, yogurt, honey and sugar until they are a cream.
  2. Heat the water and lemon juice on the stove, add the gelatin and remove when it dissolves. Wait for it to warm up a bit and pour it through a strainer into the cream cheese.
  3. Beat with some rods and fill the jars with the mixture.
  4. Reserve in the fridge for at least 4 hours before consuming.

Notes: Tocino de cielo can be prepared in the traditional way, replacing the condensed milk with water (125 gr.) and sugar (250 gr.). If you don't have a yogurt maker, you can do it in glass jars and put them in a bain-marie until when you poke with a toothpick you see that they are curdled.


Ester said:

Gracias!! Ahora si que me ha quedado clarísimo!!!

Laura said:

Hola Esther, el agua lo echas al fondo de la yogurtera, no en los tarros, creo que no está bien explicado. Si lo haces sin yogurtera, pones los tarros al baño maría simplemente. Espero que ahora te quede más claro, si no me comentas, ok?

Ester said:

Hola! Tengo muchas ganas de hacer esta receta pero tengo una duda! Cuando llenas los tarros con la mezcla de leche condensada y las yemas, luego, llenas el resto del tarro con agua? Ese agua ¿luego se evapora? ¿Se mezcla con las yemas y la leche condensada? Jajaja…no sé si lo he entendido bien!

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