Pan de harina de garbanzos y miel-Claudia&Julia

Chickpea flour and honey bread

Healthy, easy, fast, and gluten-free, this chickpea bread recipe is the perfect recipe to make a quick and highly digestible bread. Combine them with cream cheese, or use it to accompany roasted vegetables, dried tomato, poached onion... It will be the ideal combination!
Pan de plátano y fresas con chocolate blanco

White Chocolate Strawberry Banana Bread

This delicious banana bread includes the freshness and lightness of seasonal strawberries, the sweetness of bananas and the super appetizing whimsy of white chocolate.
Peras al horno con avena y pasta brisa

Baked pears with oatmeal and shortcrust pastry

What do you do when you have leftover shortcrust pastry that you had to cut out of a cake? Or if you have some pears in the fruit bowl that make eyes for you to enjoy as you please? Today I bring you a super successful recipe to prepare in 3 minutes and enjoy after nothing: baked pears with oatmeal and shortcrust pastry. A delicious treat!
Terrina estilo mediterráneo

Mediterranean style terrine

The vegetarian terrine recipe that we bring you today is one of the most intense in flavor, and a fabulous option every day of the year. It is made up of layers of tomato sauce, mozzarella and fried eggplant, and it is very easy to prepare: you just have to fry the ingredients beforehand and in a very basic way, and form it in the ceramic terrine , in which you will finish cooking.

Pudin de coco

Coconut Pudding

I've always found it great to find a way to use leftovers and not waste anything in the kitchen. This coconut pudding recipe is just that, a recipe for using stale bread. The bread, buns or even croissants that you have left over from a party and that you do not want to waste.

Pastel de salmón con muselina de naranjas y mahonesa de aguacates

Salmon cake with orange mousseline and avocado mayonnaise

This salmon cake is very easy to prepare, and has all the flavor of homemade. I propose two sauces to accompany the cake, an avocado mayonnaise, and an orange mousseline, which is nothing more than a mayonnaise sauce mixed with mustard and orange.

Paté de carne con pistachos

Meat pate with pistachios

If you want to surprise your family with a very tasty homemade pâté, I invite you to follow the recipe for meat pâté with pistachios that Lola (Loleta, Life, food&Market) brings us, a campaign pâté that you are going to love!

Terrina de pollo

Chicken terrine

Loreto, author of Sabores de Colores, once again brings us a very easy and successful recipe. It is an uncomplicated chicken terrine, very tasty and forceful. Surely it will solve more than one meal!

Terrina de campo o pâtè de campagne

Field terrine or pâtè de campagne

The recipe that Miriam (The winter guest) brings us is one of those that we love: a very traditional pate de campagne, which you will enjoy in a big way simply accompanying it with good bread. Bon appetite!

Pastel de pescado (receta de falso pastel de cabracho)

Fish cake (false scorpion fish cake recipe)

Loleta, from Lola, Life&Market, brings today a recipe that you will love to make these Holidays or on special occasions. It is a recipe for fish cake, inspired by the popular Arzak scorpion fish recipe. Dare to prepare it, it will be a triumph!

Terrina de verduras al horno

Baked vegetable terrine

What more appetizing than some vegetables with mozzarella? Baked in the oven in the way that Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, proposes, they are a real delicacy, so don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy a delicious and healthy meal!

Moldes perforados: ¿Son tan buenos como los pintan?

Perforated molds: Are they as good as they are painted?

At Claudia&Julia we love perforated molds because we think they are brilliant in their simplicity. Who doesn't like a crust the crispier the better? Long live the crunch.