Pollo asado especiado con limón en conserva-Claudia&Julia

Spiced Roast Chicken with Preserved Lemon

If the break is "Sunday", don't you think it's best not to get complicated on Sundays in the kitchen? Enjoying the morning with the family is always a pleasure and being able to eat something delicious without having to worry about staying at the foot of the stove multiplies that pleasure. That's why this Lemon Spiced Roast Chicken Recipe is a wonderfully quick and easy option for Sunday lunch.
Albóndigas de salchicha y ricotta al horno

Baked Ricotta and Sausage Meatballs

The baked meatballs with sausage and ricotta recipe that I am sharing with you today is a dish that you are going to love; with airs of Italy, where it is said that they prepare the juiciest meatballs in the world. The cheese they contain, both in the meat and in the sauce, is undoubtedly responsible for this, and makes them such a tasty snack that young and old alike will want to eat again.
¡Tortitas de espinacas! (o "Pancakes saladas de espinacas")

Spinach pancakes! (or "Savory Spinach Pancakes")

Adding vegetables to certain doughs, such as pizza, bread, savory muffins or crêpes, provides us with a wide range of possibilities to mess with the usual recipes and turn them into something totally new, with much more striking flavors and colors and appetizing. And by the way, it gives us the solution to get the little ones at home to eat it more often and, sometimes, without even realizing it.

The recipe for savory spinach pancakes (you also know them as "spinach pancakes") is a clear example of this.
Gambas con rebozado de coco y ensalada de pomelo-Claudia&Julia

Prawns with coconut batter and grapefruit salad

What I like most about summer are salads, cold soups and ice creams. That is why I always try to prepare a wide variety of all of them so that at home they do not get "bored" at mealtime. We can prepare an incredible assortment beyond the lettuce, tomato and cucumber salad. One of the latest preparations that has us totally hooked are these prawns with coconut batter and grapefruit salad . It is an authentic explosion of flavor and textures , very different from other types of salads that we usually consume.
Tortitas de calabacín y queso feta

Zucchini and feta pancakes

Healthy, fun, tasty and very easy to prepare. These zucchini and feta pancakes have everything to make you succeed with your family or to give yourself a personal whim. They can be served as a starter or as a side dish, although nothing prevents them from being the protagonists of the aperitif moment.

Albóndigas al estilo nórdico

Nordic style meatballs

Today I bring you a recipe for a very popular dish, which always goes hand in hand with a good bread to dip: meatballs. But this time we will accompany them with a different sauce than usual. We are going to make meatballs with a Nordic sauce, which seems to me to be the best way to use Bra's new Nordik non-stick frying pan for the first time.
Pan de calabacín y queso de cabra

Zucchini and goat cheese bread

Zucchini takes center stage in this skillet bread recipe: Zucchini bread recipe becomes a back of the cupboard recipe when you've made it just once. The courgette gives the bread a lot of juiciness, while the goat cheese gives it intensity. You have to try it!
Buñuelos de viento rellenos de nata

Wind fritters filled with cream

Buñuelos are a very typical dessert of Spanish gastronomy. I bring you an easy recipe to prepare the classic buñuelos de viento and I explain how to prepare the vanilla and whipped cream pastry cream filling or whipped cream. In addition, I will tell you how to get them to increase a lot and remain very hollow. I encourage you to prepare them because they are a true delight. You will see that your family appreciates that little time in the kitchen. A great luxury dessert for very little money.

Espárragos verdes al limón (en sartén y al horno)

Green asparagus with lemon (in the pan and in the oven)

You already know that I love to explore simple recipes that fill the table with delicious accompaniments without requiring much more time to be spent in the kitchen. So today I bring the recipe to make asparagus with lemon, a dish that is both a first course and such if you want to enjoy it alone, as an appetizer (I'll tell you how) or it is undoubtedly the perfect vegetable to accompany a meat dish. or fish.
Champiñones con miso y miel

Mushrooms with miso and honey

This recipe for mushrooms with miso offers you a delicious and surprising combination of sweet and savory flavors. Today's recipe is undoubtedly a perfect option for everyday use, because you will make it in no time and it will liven up any meal due to its flavor and contrast.
Ensalada de tomate y espárragos a la naranja

Tomato and asparagus salad with orange

Simple, natural and with an orange vinaigrette that you will love in your salads and fish, this is this recipe for sauteed wild asparagus and tomatoes.
Lomo de ternera marinado y pesto de espinacas

Marinated beef tenderloin and spinach pesto

Do you know what the secret of Brazilians is to cook those delicious meats on the grill? Marinate them! Preparing a tasty marinade takes a few minutes and the flavored oil penetrates the meat , adding more flavor and helping it to be juicier and more tender.