This oriental-style stir-fried vegetables recipe is a round set of flavors that everyone loves. With artichokes, mushrooms, spring onions, green asparagus, and corn , this luxurious dish is bursting with color and flavor. Very little cooking time is required so that the vegetables retain all their flavor and have that crunch that I love to notice with each bite. And that is very easy to achieve in a cast iron pan like the WMF FusionTec pan , thanks to how quickly it heats up, its enormous heat retention and how quickly it transmits that heat to the food. It's perfect for sautéing! (and also for cooking in many other ways).

Vegetables are always present at home; either as a first course or as a healthy accompaniment to meat, fish or eggs. Baked, on the grill, steamed or sautéed with just a little oil, they are delicious, as well as providing an important supply of essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen everyone's immune system, especially the little ones.

This is often a challenge for my imagination, because in addition to alternating the vegetables, I have to remember how I have cooked them the last few times and vary the way I prepare them, so that they do not find them boring (I confess that this also happens to me to me if we eat them stewed in the same way more than twice in a row). So I leave you with an oriental recipe, hoping that you will be encouraged to try it because it is very tasty and I hope that it can break that routine of vegetables at home, making you smile.

Without further delay, here is the full recipe. I'm sure you'll love it!

WMF FusionTec cast iron skillet


  • 2 artichoke hearts
  • 100g fresh shimeji mushrooms
  • 2 spring onions cut into quarters
  • 1 bunch of green asparagus
  • 3 young garlic
  • 100 g of mini ears of corn
  • 4 tablespoons of sunflower oil
  • 8 drops of sesame oil
  • oyster sauce to taste
  • white sesame seeds
  • fresh coriander


  1. Wash all the vegetables and chop them (except the artichoke, so it doesn't rust) and reserve.
  2. Mix sunflower oil with 8 drops of sesame oil.
  3. Heat the WMF FusionTec Cast Iron Skillet with the oil and meanwhile cut the artichokes in half. Sauté the cut artichokes along with the ears of corn.
  4. When they are golden, add the rest of the vegetables. Sauté them well for a couple of minutes until they are cooked but still crisp (you can cover the pan to get the desired doneness).
  5. Add the oyster sauce to your liking and the freshly ground pepper. Sauté everything for a couple more minutes and correct the salt if necessary.
  6. Plate the vegetables and decorate with a little coriander and sesame.


  • You can present the vegetables by arranging on them a scallop, a couple of prawn tails or some slightly marked cubes of salmon or tuna in the pan.
  • This dish is a very complete starter, but you can also prepare it as a garnish, to accompany chicken, meat, your favorite fish or fried eggs.
  • To vary the flavor, you can use soy sauce instead of the oyster sauce.
  • Prepare this stir-fry with the vegetables that you like the most. Take advantage of seasonal vegetables, which will be at their best, or those that you can have canned.

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