Receta de carne en sartén inox

Filet mignon with red wine and aromatic herbs

This recipe for Roasted Steak with Red Wine and Aromatic Herbs is the ideal recipe for those who want to lose the fear of cooking in a stainless steel pan. It is a dish that combines the intense and juicy flavors of filet mignon with the richness of red wine and the fragrances of aromatic herbs.
Receta de tortilla de patatas trufada

Truffled potato omelette

Can you imagine combining the tradition of a potato omelette with the elegance of truffle? This classic recipe from Spanish gastronomy is a delight on its own, but today we add a touch of sophistication. In the Dupla Bra frying pan, the double frying pan that makes cooking easier (and certainly flipping!), we have found the perfect ally to take this recipe to the next level.
Galleta de azúcar moreno y chocolate

Brown sugar and chocolate cookie

A little brown sugar, vanilla and chocolate... These are the 3 main ingredients to make these classic brown sugar cookies. I say cookies... Or cookie!, because you can make several in mini size, Or we suggest you make a single XL cookie in a pan!
Merluza con costra de parmesano

Hake with parmesan crust

My mother has always said at home: "Hake, if it is of quality, is delicious and has nothing to envy of other more valued fish." The truth is that hake has always been cooked in various ways and we often enjoy this fish, which I certainly find delicious.
Crumble de manzanas

apple crumble

On this occasion, we share with you the infallible recipe for Apple Crumble. A classic that fuses the freshness of apples with a crunchy, golden topping. Originating from the British tradition, this delicious dessert perfectly balances the acidity of the apples with the irresistible crunchy texture of its coating, which today is enhanced with the additional richness of dried fruits. Get ready to discover the secrets that make this Apple Crumble a perennial favorite!
Peras a la vainilla con frutos rojos y helado de vainilla

Vanilla pears with red berries and vanilla ice cream

In my kitchen, there are certain utensils that become true culinary heroes, and the Dupla Prior frying pan by Bra is definitely one of them. Beyond his genius for making tortillas, I discovered his incredible ability to transform simple pears into a heavenly dessert (And in just 10 minutes!).
Tarta invertida de alcachofas, cebolla y jamón

Inverted artichoke, onion and ham cake

Discover the uniqueness of a recipe that defies expectations: the artichoke and ham upside-down cake. Prepared in Bra's versatile Infinity pan, this creation, although a departure from the classic tarte Tatin technique, promises unrivaled culinary delight.
El arte de la torrefacción en una sartén para castañas (una sartén perforada)

The art of roasting in a chestnut pan (a perforated pan)

Roasting is a culinary technique that has gained popularity in recent times, and you can apply it very easily and without turning on the oven with a chestnut pan!
Patatas asadas crujientes al estilo Hasselback con bacon

Crispy Hasselback Roast Potatoes with Bacon

Do you want to give your daily food an exciting and delicious touch? Crispy Hasselback Roasted Potatoes with Bacon are a great way to do this. This simple but colorful dish allows you to take advantage of ingredients you already have in your pantry and turn them into a unique culinary experience.
Cuándo se debe cambiar una sartén antiadherente

When should you change a non-stick pan?

Should I renew my non-stick pan? Non-stick pans revolutionized modern cooking, making it easier to prepare food without anything sticking, and also reducing the need to use large amounts of oil or butter, since they were the most used agents to prevent food from sticking (beyond add flavor).
Manzana asada con natillas en sartén

Roasted apple with custard in pan

Let's take advantage of the Dupla! Bra's double frying pan is wonderful: it is already wonderful to use alone, individually, but when you put those two pans together you can do wonders. From a wonderful omelet without spilling anything to a tarte tatin...Or this delicious recipe for roasted apples with custard with a touch of vanilla! A perfect and ideal dessert, which I highly encourage you to try.
Risotto nero de chipirones

Baby squid risotto

As you probably already know, risotto is a traditional Italian dish that stands out for its creaminess and delicious flavor. This preparation is extremely versatile, being able to be made with a wide variety of ingredients, which makes it an ideal option to adapt it to our taste. Among the most emblematic risottos, the one with mushrooms, the one with cheeses, or this black squid risotto with which you are going to succeed stand out.