Risotto de setas al estilo italiano-Claudia&Julia

Italian style mushroom risotto

This Italian-style mushroom risotto is a dish that is desired at any time of the year, but especially in autumn. I'm sure you'll like it so much that you'll want to enjoy it again and again. An exquisite recipe that combines the creaminess of risotto with the forest flavor of mushrooms and the always special touch that Parmesan cheese provides.
Paella de arroz-Claudia&Julia

Rice paella

Paella is an emblematic dish of our country, a recipe that captures the essence of our gastronomy. With its short grain rice, fresh seafood, tender pieces of chicken or rabbit, and an explosion of Mediterranean flavors, paella is a true culinary masterpiece that has captured hearts around the world.
Risotto nero de chipirones

Baby squid risotto

As you probably already know, risotto is a traditional Italian dish that stands out for its creaminess and delicious flavor. This preparation is extremely versatile, being able to be made with a wide variety of ingredients, which makes it an ideal option to adapt it to our taste. Among the most emblematic risottos, the one with mushrooms, the one with cheeses, or this black squid risotto with which you are going to succeed stand out.
Gnocchis salteados con champiñones y espinacas-Claudia&Julia

Sautéed gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach

Raise your hand if you want a plate of sautéed gnocchi with mushrooms and spinach! As I imagine there will be many hands and I don't have such a large frying pan, I think the best solution so that no one runs out of their portion of gnocchi is for me to share the recipe with you. Thus, after trying it, you can repeat as many times as you want and, in addition, cover it to your liking.

Pilaf de pollo y naranja

Chicken and orange pilaf

Ready to enjoy a recipe full of exquisite flavors? We bring you an irresistible chicken and orange pilaf, a perfect combination that will captivate your palate. In this dish, juicy pieces of chicken intertwine with the refreshing citrus touch of orange, creating an explosion of flavors in every bite.
Tallarines con verduras en salsa cremosa-Claudia&Julia

Noodles with vegetables in creamy sauce

Pasta is one of the foods that gives the most play in the kitchen. If you like to make it at home or if you buy fresh or dry pasta, you will agree with me that just sautéed with a little oil and laminated garlic, they will dress up your food wonderfully. But if you want an overwhelming success, with this recipe for noodles with vegetables in creamy sauce they will make you the wave.
Arroz con salchichas-Claudia&Julia

rice with sausages

A classic that never fails, the recipe for a classic and traditional sausage rice with the tastiest! You can leave this rice to your liking, more cooked or more sweet. It is a rice without complications, but that children and adults enjoy for bringing us those traditional flavors.
Rigatoni con setas-Claudia&Julia

Rigatoni with mushrooms

Today's recipe is perfect for day to day, but with a weekend touch: this recipe for pasta with mushrooms has completely won me over, because it offers us, in a very easy and uncomplicated way, the way to get a lot out of it and all the aroma of everyday ingredients that combine perfectly with the pasta, and build a round dish.
10 Recetas Indias tradicionales: ¡Cocina al estilo indio!-Claudia&Julia

10 Traditional Indian Recipes: Cook Indian Style!

On August 15, coinciding with India's independence day, the World Day of Indian cuisine is celebrated, a cuisine that is becoming more popular every day, either because of its culinary richness or also because of the benefits that are increasing every day. of the use of spices on health.
Risotto bianco (y consejos para hacer un buen risotto)

Risotto bianco (and tips to make a good risotto)

Risotto bianco is the base recipe for this traditional dish of Italian cuisine. Many other elaborations are built on it: asparagus, mushrooms, etc. All of them exquisite, yes, but the "bianco" is a unique dish, it is enough and is left over on its own to dazzle those who try it.
Pollo en salmuera a la parrilla, con arroz y cilantro

Grilled chicken in brine, with rice and coriander

This grilled chicken with rice and cilantro is a great way to enjoy an everyday recipe but with a big plus of texture and flavor. Brine, beyond a centuries-old technique for food preservation, is a culinary technique with which to enjoy new flavors and textures, since it provides not only saltiness, but also great juiciness.
Arroz a banda con salmorreta

Arroz a banda with salmorreta

Arroz a banda with salmorreta is a typical coastal rice preparation from the province of Alicante. This traditional sauce based on ñoras is the true protagonist, since it not only gives it the characteristic reddish color, but also an incredible and unmistakable flavor of our region. In addition, due to its simplicity, it is perfect to start in the world of rice in a fast pot.