Bizcocho de limón al vapor

steamed lemon cake

You can cook some super fluffy steamed biscuits. You can do it both in a pressure cooker and in other utensils designed for steam cooking. In this case, we are going to show you how to do it in the WMF Vitalis Pot.

Tacos de pulled pork

Pulled Pork Tacos

Can you think of a better plan for a Friday night than the classic "sofa and movie?" Only one for me: accompany it with a great dinner!! What are we going to do, I have a very developed greedy vein, hehehe. But you will not deny me that accompanying a good movie with a good dinner is a perfect plan! And if there is a dish that has crept into our favorites for these nights, it is the pulled pork tacos.

Flan de coco

Coconut flan

You will not think that the pressure cooker is designed to steam vegetables only, right? Because very far from it, the pressure cooker allows you to make meats that are tender and wonderful in record time, it allows you to make stews with a fabulous amalgamation of flavors, you can make the healthiest steamed fish, you can make delicious biscuits ( yes, in a steamer pot some great biscuits come out!) and you can also make delicious flans like the one we bring you today, the coconut flan recipe. Among many other things, of course.

Sopa de setas con tomate

Mushroom soup with tomato

With this mushroom soup with tomato we inaugurate the season of spoon dishes. Just entering autumn, it's time for a change of wardrobe and also a change in the refrigerator shelves, which now contain the necessary ingredients to prepare creams, stews or vegetables in an express pot.

Ensalada de garbanzos especiados y mango

Spiced Chickpea and Mango Salad

I admit that one of the things that is most difficult for me to eat at home in the summer are legumes, and the truth is that it does not surprise me because I am the first who, as soon as the heat arrives, only wants fresh things. Is it your case too? Well, I can only tell you one thing… You have to try this spicy chickpea and mango salad!

Pudin inglés de manzana y vainilla al vapor

Steamed Apple Vanilla English Pudding

Despite the bad reputation that British cuisine has, it is undeniable that pastries are tremendously rich and varied. Years ago, during my time as an English student, I discovered her and fell at her feet ipso facto, but it was not until I adopted a British family as a policy that my eyes were opened to homemade sweets. They are another world.

Cómo hacer ñoquis

how to make gnocchi

Beatriz, author of To Be Gourmet, brings us the recipe to make gnocchi at home. Preparing them is very easy, and it also offers us a cheese sauce that goes wonderfully. Hands in the dough!

Lentejas con tomates secos, queso y hierbas

Lentils with dried tomatoes, cheese and herbs

Today it's time to take advantage of the fast pot! Miriam, author of The Winter Guest, shows us how to make a very easy and tasty lentil salad, all in a jiffy. You're going to love this slow cooker lentil recipe!

Callos a la madrileña

Callos a la madrileña

When the cold arrives, you can't stop preparing some delicious Madrid-style tripe, a very traditional recipe. The recipe is brought to us by Carmen, author of Yerbabuena en la Cocina, and she prepares it without complications in a pressure cooker and with ten results. Go for spoon and fork!

Vichyssoise fría

cold vichyssoise

Luisa, author of Cooking with my Carmela, brings us the recipe for vichyssoise or cream of leeks, a recipe that is as easy to prepare as it is successful wherever it goes. The recipes that, like this one, serve you both cold in hot weather and warm in the cold months are the most helpful, you will see.

Helado de arroz con leche

Rice pudding ice cream

The king of summer is undoubtedly ice cream, and you will love the recipe that Rosa, author of Pemberley Cup&Cakes, brings us: a traditional flavor, that of rice pudding, turned into a refreshing homemade ice cream. Go taking out the spoon, at home there will not be a pinch!

Mac&Cheese con ragú de ternera

Mac&Cheese with veal ragout

If you combine the popular recipe for Mac&Cheese (macaroni and cheese) with a beef ragout, you end up with a recipe as tasty as the one that Juana brings us today, from La Cocina de Babel. I assure you that you will succeed!