You don't think that the slow cooker is designed to steam vegetables only, do you? I hope I can prove it to you with this delicious coconut flan that we prepared today in a slow cooker, one of the richest I have ever tasted! It is a fine flan, with that coconut flavor that gives it a different character, without hindering the characteristic flavor of the egg flan.

The quick cooker is very far from making only vegetables and creams: the quick cooker allows you to make meats that are tender and wonderful in record time , it allows you to make stews with a fabulous amalgamation of flavors, you can make the most delicious steamed fish. healthy, you can make delicious biscuits ( yes, a steam pot makes wonderful biscuits! ) and you can also make delicious flans like the one we bring you today, the coconut flan recipe. Among many other things, of course.

What is the good thing about cooking in the slow cooker? Said in four words, the best thing for me is that it shortens cooking times a lot (this flan, for example, you make it in 35 minutes, when done in a traditional bain-marie it would be an hour and a half), and since it is a Much faster cooking and being able to steam with them, you preserve the nutrients of the food much better.

I hope you are encouraged to discover the quick cooker and get the most out of it, starting with this flan recipe that we bring today.

Coconut flan in a quick cooker


  • 6 eggs
  • 150 gr sugar
  • 500 cc coconut milk
  • 200 gr sugar to make the caramel


  1. Prepare the caramel, putting the 200g of sugar in the saucepan or flannel suitable for the heat. Turn on the heat and wait for the sugar to melt. Remember that you can shake the saucepan from time to time but you should not insert any utensils or it will crystallize. Once the caramel is golden, move the flan pan to coat the walls (if you have made the caramel in a saucepan, pour it into the flan mold quickly, it cools quickly). We let it cool.
  2. In a separate bowl , whiten the eggs with sugar using ball-tipped whisks (to blow in less air) and add the coconut milk. Mix well and fill the flan box.
  3. Cover the flan pan with aluminum foil as seen in the video.
  4. Pour 1 L of water into the WMF pressure cooker , place the bridge and the steamer (which in this case acts as a food holder), and the covered flan bowl on top of it.
  5. Close the pressure cooker and put it on high heat; When the valve is up, lower the heat to medium power and start counting 35 minutes.
  6. After that time, stop the heat, let the valve lower, open the pot and check: prick the flan with a toothpick to check the cooking point. It will be done if the tip comes out completely clean.

Coconut flan recipe in a quick cooker

Remove the flan pan from the pot and let it cool. Once tempered, you can store it in the same mold in the refrigerator, and unmold it just before serving.

Remember that it is important that the flan is cold to serve, it is delicious!

Recipe author: Julio López from WMF Spain


Claudia said:

Hola Oscar, leche o bebida de coco, la encontrarás como tal en los supers, de una forma u otra indistintamente. Saludos!

Oscar said:

Hola, por leche de coco entendéis la de cocinar o la bebida de coco? Gracias.

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