Receta de Estofado de Ternera en olla rápida

Beef Stew

Descubre el arte de preparar un estofado de ternera en olla rápida, una receta que transforma la ternera y las verduras en un plato sublime y reconfortante, perfecto para quienes valoran el tiempo sin querer renunciar al sabor. En el corazón de la cocina moderna, la olla rápida emerge como un aliado indispensable, permitiéndonos disfrutar de cortes de ternera tiernos y jugosos en menos tiempo de lo que tradicionalmente se requeriría, sin comprometer la riqueza de los sabores que caracterizan a un estofado tradicional.
Estofado de verduras

Vegetable stew

I think the word that best describes a vegetable stew is "comforting." Like a cup of hot broth, is there anything more pleasant than the aroma and heat of a freshly made vegetable stew? For me, stewed vegetables are a hug of flavor, transporting me to moments full of warmth and nutrition. And the surprising thing is that this beloved recipe can be even more accessible and faster with a little help from the slow cooker.
Flan de huevo en olla rápida

Egg flan in a quick cooker

Among the easiest and most satisfying dessert recipes, egg flan has always been my weakness. Its simplicity in preparation and its delicious flavor make it one of my favorite sweets. And now, I have the pleasure of sharing with you a simplified version of this classic, thanks to the efficiency and speed that the pressure cooker offers us.
Sopa Bullavesa con bogavante

Bullavesa soup with lobster

Are you looking for a special recipe for these holidays or for a special celebration? Nothing beats the pleasure of sharing a lobster bouillabaisse soup with your loved ones, and prepared in a slow cooker you will make it in no time! This Mediterranean recipe, full of sea flavors and comforting aromas and whose origins date back to the Provence region in France, has gone through generations maintaining its essence: an exquisite combination of fish, fresh seafood and aromatic herbs.
Estofado de buey a la cerveza (en olla tradicional y en olla rápida)

Ox stew with beer (in a traditional pot and in a quick cooker)

Whether with beef or cow meat, this Guinness beer stew or Irish stew is a traditional recipe and one with which you will be fabled at family meals. The intense flavor of the beer brings a delicious flavor to these dishes!
Guiso de garbanzos con verduras y harissa

Chickpea stew with vegetables and harissa

I don't know if the same thing will happen to you, but there are days when I feel like a lot of spoon dishes, stews with a lot of flavor... Although I don't always have all the time I would like to carry them out. Today I bring you one of those recipes that not only make us enjoy while we taste it, but it is done in a jiffy. A chickpea stew with vegetables and harissa that you can have ready in less than 30 minutes.

Cómo hacer arroz con leche de coco

How to make coconut milk rice

At home, a great competitor to the traditional rice pudding has come out, and it is that this recipe for rice pudding with coconut milk is as delicious as always, but with a coconut flavor that only adds up. It is just as fresh, sweet, delicious... but when you drink it you wonder what it is that drives you to take one more spoonful.
Crema suave de calabaza (Sopa de calabaza, de Philippe Laruelle)

Smooth pumpkin cream (Pumpkin soup, by Philippe Laruelle)

Pumpkin is one of the star ingredients of autumn, and also the base of a basic and essential cream to warm up in the cold months of the year. Today, this recipe for soft pumpkin cream (or pumpkin soup) is here to stay in the closet of all those who haven't enjoyed it yet. Those of you who are more of a cook will like to know that it is a recipe by the French chef Philippe Laruelle.

Jjinppang: bollos al vapor rellenos de pasta de judías rojas

Jjinppang: steamed buns filled with red bean paste

Every day I like Asian food more, and today I invite you to prepare a recipe that I fell in love with since I tried it: it is about spongy steamed buns, and filled with the tastiest red bean paste. It is a traditional Korean recipe, very easy to make and I hope it will surprise you as much as it surprised me.
¿Cómo hacer leche de patata?

How to make potato milk?

How many of you have heard of potato milk? It is a completely new vegetable drink with great benefits for the body and the environment. If this is your first time reading about it, you may have been like me... I was stunned! In this post I hope you find answers to all your questions about potato milk and how to prepare it.

Arroz a banda con salmorreta

Arroz a banda with salmorreta

Arroz a banda with salmorreta is a typical coastal rice preparation from the province of Alicante. This traditional sauce based on ñoras is the true protagonist, since it not only gives it the characteristic reddish color, but also an incredible and unmistakable flavor of our region. In addition, due to its simplicity, it is perfect to start in the world of rice in a fast pot.

Sopa Minestrone de verduras

Vegetable Minestrone Soup

Is there anything in the world more comforting than a soup? It may be, but nothing will make you feel better after enjoying a good hot dish of this preparation. I love soups and creams, of all types and consistencies. The last one I have prepared is this vegetable minestrone soup, with some other variations to adjust it to my tastes and made in record time thanks to the pressure cooker.