Pastel de Cierva

Deer Cake

The Cierva cake is a typical elaboration of the Murcian region, dating from the end of the s. XIX (with legend included) on the coast of the Mar Menor. It is a somewhat peculiar recipe, as it combines the salty flavor of the filling with the sweetness of the dough in a single bite. It is quite a striking contrast, especially for those who have not known her since they were children, and come across her out of the blue, since the sweet/salty contrasts are very pronounced.
Cómo hacer leche de coco

How to make coconut milk

Can you do homemade coconut milk the easy way. You simply have to have quality coconut (whole or grated) and beat it with water. It's that easy, although with some tips that I'm going to tell you about. I also bring you some ideas to enjoy it.
Batido y Cheese-Shake de pera y arándanos

Smoothie and Cheese-Shake of pear and blueberries

If a shake or milk-shake is essentially composed of milk, a cheese-shake is made with a cheese base (cottage cheese or cream cheese). The recipe for this pear and blueberry smoothie that I bring you today is a recipe that you can enjoy with both milk and cheese, so you decide how to prepare it. Me, here's the recipe -I think it's a great way to enjoy fruit.
Helado de yogur griego

greek yogurt ice cream

For years I've been trying to have an ice cream maker like the one I used to prepare the recipe I'm bringing you today. I had them crazy at home with my refrain of... I want a fridge with a compressor! They didn't pay much attention to me, so I decided to find a solution. to the problem. Gelato Expert from Magimix arrived at home, that long-awaited ice cream maker that helps me to have delicious ice creams without much complication.

Empanadillas de setas y queso azul

Mushroom and blue cheese dumplings

One of the great classics of our cuisine, and that of many other countries, is the empanadilla. Versatile to say the least, both in the dough, which can be made in many ways depending on the liquid and fat chosen, and in the filling, which admits infinite variations and can be adapted to one's taste... whatever you have in the fridge (it's a great recipe to use).

Crema de lentejas rojas

Red lentil cream

We are in season for soups and creams that comfort our body and spirit. That is why we bring this succulent red lentil cream with a spice and some reasonably oriental ingredients.

Hamburguesas de pavo y calabacín

Turkey and Zucchini Burgers

These turkey and zucchini burgers are healthier than what we are used to in a burger. The recipe is from the famous cook Ottolenghi and follows its line of simple combinations with wonderful spices, in this case with cumin and cayenne, two spices that make a phenomenal combo.

Empanadas de pino chilenas

Chilean pine empanadas

Chilean pine empanadas have a curious name, don't you think? Pine is the name of the very traditional filling of onion, beef, olives, egg and raisins, which apparently derives from the Mapuche word pirru and has nothing to do with the tree.

Tarta de cereza

cherry pie

Summer brings us one of the most wonderful fruits there is, cherries. Before its season ends, I wanted to bring you this recipe that is so successful wherever it goes, an easy cherry pie recipe, although with a touch that you will love.

Mojito cubano

Mojito Cubano

With this Cuban mojito we are inaugurating the hot season, together with our Magimix Cook Expert. In this recipe we use the robot mainly to make a perfect crushed ice * and cool down our mojito to the max, although there are purists who prefer ice cubes. This gives us the excuse to prepare it both ways and compare… field study, it's called.

Receta con Cook Expert: Mousse de chocolate y aguacate

Recipe with Cook Expert: Chocolate Avocado Mousse

A few weeks ago, the Magimix Cook Expert machine was launched in Spain, a multifunction robot that has been in other countries for two years with incredible acceptance.
Comparativa Magimix Cook Expert vs Thermomix TM5 y TM6

Comparative Magimix Cook Expert vs Thermomix TM5 and TM6

With the recently presented Cook Expert robot, there are many doubts that arise when making such an important investment. The most common is whether it is worth investing in the new Magimix robot or if the Thermomix is ​​still the best option.