With this Cuban mojito recipe we are inaugurating the hot season, along with our Magimix Cook Expert . In this recipe we use the robot mainly to make a perfect crushed ice* and refresh our mojito to the fullest, although there are purists who prefer cubed ice. This gives us the excuse to prepare it both ways and compare... field study, it's called.

Legends say that the wonderful mojito was invented in Cuba and that it was one of the many favorite alcohols of Mr. Hemingway, who drank it in the famous Bodeguita del Medio in Havana... oh, what times those were.

If you haven't tried the Cuban mojito, you're already taking a while, because this masterful blend of rum, lime juice, mint, sugar and ice is one of the most refreshing cocktails around. Let's go with him, that with the Magimix this cocktail can be prepared by a six-year-old child. Although I will deny that I said it.

*I have used the Magimix Cook Expert, which leaves perfectly crushed ice in no time. In the absence of it, you can use a glass blender.

Mediterranean crystal glasses , Cuba Magimix Cook Expert robot and Pallarès carbon steel knife

Ingredients (for 4 mojitos)

  • 200ml of aged rum
  • 80g of white or brown sugar
  • 150ml lime juice
  • 4-5 mint leaves per glass
  • 400ml sparkling water
  • 400g of ice cubes


  1. Squeeze the juice from the limes and reserve.
  2. We wash the mint leaves and distribute them in the glasses .
  3. We put the ice cubes in the Magimix glass. Select the Blender , Crushed Ice program and press Auto . If the ice is not perfectly crushed at the end of the minute that the automatically assigned program has, we repeat the program and stop when we see that it is perfectly crushed.
  4. Remove the stopper from the lid and add the lime juice, rum and sugar. We program crushed ice again and stop pressing Stop when we judge that the mojito is well mixed.
  5. We distribute the mojito in the glasses prepared with the mint. We just filled the glasses with sparkling water.
  6. We crush the mint a little in each glass with a long spoon or some utensil for this purpose (connoisseurs say that this is essential and in truth the touch of mint is magnificent), we garnish with a slice of lime and we pounce on the mojito . But elegantly.

Mediterranean crystal glasses , tank from the Magimix Cook Expert robot and Pallarès carbon steel knife

Although it is wrong for me to say it, what does this mojito look like? Some people prefer to use white rum instead of the old rum that I have used, but personally I think that the old rum has more flavor than the white. Judge for yourself.

Recipe Author: Miriam from The Winter Guest

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