Cómo usar el jugo del melocotón en almíbar-Claudia&Julia

How to use peach juice in syrup

Let me tell you a sweet and personal secret! Peach syrup is one of those gastronomic treasures that we cannot resist. Did you know that not only is it perfect for savoring straight from the can, but it also has multiple culinary uses? Yes, you read it right. In this article, I want to share with you some of the most tasty and useful ideas to make the most of the juice from peaches in syrup in your kitchen.
Tomates confitados con ajo-Claudia&Julia

Confit tomatoes with garlic

Today we confit tomatoes. They are delicious, have you tried them? When confiting, the tomatoes are cooked at a low temperature so that they do not burn or fall apart. But also, when candied, the nutritional properties and natural flavor of tomatoes are preserved, but their acidity is reduced and they are given a sweeter and softer flavor. The end result is a delicious preserve that can be used in a wide variety of dishes, such as sauces, stews, pizzas, green salads, pasta and more. Have I convinced you yet?
10 formas fáciles y reales de reutilizar las cáscaras de limones exprimidos-Claudia&Julia

10 Easy and Real Ways to Reuse Squeezed Lemon Peels

If you are one of the people who squeeze lemons to make juice or prepare a recipe, do not throw away the peels! These have a large number of uses that may surprise you. In addition to being a more sustainable and economical alternative, they allow you to enjoy a delicious fresh and citrus aroma in your home. In this post we share some tips so you can make the most of lemon peels. Take note!
Salsa de arándanos para tus tartas, crepes, yogur, bizcochos y muffins-Claudia&Julia

Blueberry sauce for your cakes, crepes, yogurt, cakes and muffins

We often look for a side that is as juicy as it is delicious to accompany crepes and waffles, and this cranberry sauce that I bring you today takes just a few minutes to make, and it is delicious.

It is also perfect for filling or decorating cakes, for biscuits and bundt cakes, or for your cupcakes and muffins:
¿Cómo escoger el tamaño de mi cocotte?-Claudia&Julia

How to choose the size of my cocotte?

One of the most frequent questions among those who consider buying a cocotte or casserole is "What size cocotte or casserole to choose?". It is hard for us to choose, because we want a pot for everything: for everyday use and for the most special days, to make creams and to make roasts... Given all these disparate approaches, what size is the right one?

We have long experience advising on this subject, so we leave you a guide to correctly choose the size of the cocotte.
Leche dorada Golden Milk

Golden almond milk (how to make Golden Milk)

What a wonderful find! Golden milk, this spiced almond flavored hot drink, definitely stays in my house! I think I was looking forward to the cold again just to be able to enjoy this extremely delicious and addictive hot plant milk.
Cómo hacer praliné de almendras y avellanas-Claudia&Julia

How to make almond and hazelnut praline

The perfect ingredient to elevate your desserts and sweet treats, and a delicious temptation, even to be enjoyed by the spoonful, this homemade almond and hazelnut praline will have you salivating as soon as you taste it.
Cómo escribir o decorar galletas y tartas claramente

How to write or decorate cookies and cakes clearly

Whether it is to decorate some cookies or write a nice message on a cake, sometimes we wonder if we will be able to write, decorate or draw clearly on our homemade pastries and have a dignified line and a beautiful finish.
Cafeteras automáticas: ventajas y cómo escoger la ideal-Claudia&Julia

Automatic coffee machines: advantages and how to choose the ideal one

Do you want a perfect coffee at home? Coffee lovers have the opportunity to drink an Americano, a ristretto, a latte or a cappuccino at home with a flavor and aroma like those of their favorite coffee shop, thanks to automatic coffee machines, an appliance that has become a essential in many homes for its ease of use, its simplicity in maintenance and its more than successful results, in many cases almost like those of professional establishments.
Mantequilla de ajo

garlic butter

Loved and hated in equal parts, garlic is the ideal partner to add to butter for a flavorful dressing that will take your breath away. Preparing a delicious garlic butter is as simple as it is grateful for its result. You will see that it is made almost without mess and in a flash you will have turned a good butter into a special ingredient, which will raise the category of your dishes and give you much joy. To you and your guests!
¿Cómo hacer leche de patata?

How to make potato milk?

How many of you have heard of potato milk? It is a completely new vegetable drink with great benefits for the body and the environment. If this is your first time reading about it, you may have been like me... I was stunned! In this post I hope you find answers to all your questions about potato milk and how to prepare it.

Barbacoas de pellet, características y ventajas

Pellet barbecues, characteristics and advantages

With the arrival of pellet barbecues, the barbecue revolution has arrived: Can you imagine cooking with all the flavor of burning natural wood, but without the need or time required to make the grill, being able to control the temperature in at all times and with the spaciousness and comfort of a good barbecue area? All that is what Traeger pellet barbecues offer. Choose the pellet, press a button and in ten minutes you will be making the best barbecues you can imagine.