Nata de coco (nata montada vegana)

Nata de coco (vegan whipped cream)

Vegan coconut cream, that heavenly touch that rivals any traditional cream, is the star of our journey today. In just 5 minutes and with only 3 ingredients, you will create a unique experience for your palate. The result? A smooth and deliciously indulgent cream that will completely change your perception of vegan alternatives. And you'll want to apply it on everything! From accompanying some strawberries to any cake or sponge cake, and without a doubt adding a spoonful to your coffee or cappuccino.
¡Cuidemos de las abejas! Beneficios y usos de la miel

Let's take care of the bees! Benefits and uses of honey

Honey, that golden nectar produced by bees, is not only a delicious natural sweetener, but also offers a wide range of beneficial health properties and multiple uses in cooking and personal care.

But before the honey come the bees: Bees are those little giants who weave an entire universe with their tireless work. Get ready for everything I bring in this post !
Diferencias (¡y recetas!) entre Canapé, Montadito, Pincho y Otros Aperitivos Clásicos

Differences (and recipes!) between Canapé, Montadito, Pincho and Other Classic Appetizers

In the wide range of appetizers and bites that delight palates around the world, confusion often arises over the terms used to describe these gastronomic delights. Let's demystify some of these common terms and clarify the differences between canapé, montadito, pincho and other classic appetizers. In the end, I leave you with links to some recipes that I think you will love to see (And enjoy!).
Descubre el buttermilk: el ingrediente mágico que transformará tus recetas y cómo sustituirlo

Discover buttermilk: the magical ingredient that will transform your recipes and how to replace it

Buttermilk, also known as buttermilk, is a fermented milk ingredient that provides a tangy and creamy flavor to various culinary preparations. Surely you have seen it in many pastry recipes, or you know of seeing it in supermarkets, because its use has become very popular. With reason!

In this post you will see what buttermilk is, how it is prepared, in which recipes it is used, and how to substitute it if you do not have it on hand.

Cómo elaborar mantequilla de frutos secos (mantequilla de cacahuete, de almendra...)

How to make nut butter (peanut butter, almond butter...)

Do you know what happens if you put nuts in a food processor and start grinding and grinding? That you turn that nut into butter (Yes, with nothing more than the nut itself). Are you a fan of hazelnut butter? Or peanut butter? So, without a doubt, you have to try making it homemade. And if instead of using the dried fruit you use it toasted, you will increase the intensity of the butter flavor, and it will be gold for your recipes!
El arte de cocinar en cobre: beneficios, productos, consejos y mantenimiento

The art of cooking in copper: benefits, products, tips and maintenance

The art of cooking is an experience that encompasses all the senses. And if there is one material that has been appreciated by passionate chefs and cooks throughout history, it is copper. Copper cookware is known for its exceptional heat conduction capabilities and classic beauty in the kitchen.
El arte de la torrefacción en una sartén para castañas (una sartén perforada)

The art of roasting in a chestnut pan (a perforated pan)

Roasting is a culinary technique that has gained popularity in recent times, and you can apply it very easily and without turning on the oven with a chestnut pan!
Cuándo se debe cambiar una sartén antiadherente

When should you change a non-stick pan?

Should I renew my non-stick pan? Non-stick pans revolutionized modern cooking, making it easier to prepare food without anything sticking, and also reducing the need to use large amounts of oil or butter, since they were the most used agents to prevent food from sticking (beyond add flavor).
El poder del poso de café: 8 formas inteligentes de reutilizarlo en casa

The power of coffee grounds: 8 smart ways to reuse them at home

When you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, you may not realize that the coffee grounds left in your filter or coffee maker have much more potential than just ending up in the trash. This grounds, rich in nutrients and with surprising properties, can have a second life in your home. In this article, we'll explore eight creative ways to use coffee grounds and reduce your waste.
Cómo usar el jugo del melocotón en almíbar

How to use peach juice in syrup

Let me tell you a sweet and personal secret! Peach syrup is one of those gastronomic treasures that we cannot resist. Did you know that not only is it perfect for savoring straight from the can, but it also has multiple culinary uses? Yes, you read it right. In this article, I want to share with you some of the most tasty and useful ideas to make the most of the juice from peaches in syrup in your kitchen.
10 formas fáciles y reales de reutilizar las cáscaras de limones exprimidos

10 Easy and Real Ways to Reuse Squeezed Lemon Peels

If you are one of the people who squeeze lemons to make juice or prepare a recipe, do not throw away the peels! These have a large number of uses that may surprise you. In addition to being a more sustainable and economical alternative, they allow you to enjoy a delicious fresh and citrus aroma in your home. In this post we share some tips so you can make the most of lemon peels. Take note!
¿Cómo escoger el tamaño de mi cocotte?

How to choose the size of my cocotte?

One of the most frequent questions among those who consider buying a cocotte or casserole is "What size cocotte or casserole to choose?". It is hard for us to choose, because we want a pot for everything: for everyday use and for the most special days, to make creams and to make roasts... Given all these disparate approaches, what size is the right one?

We have long experience advising on this subject, so we leave you a guide to correctly choose the size of the cocotte.