The art of cooking is an experience that encompasses all the senses. And if there is one material that has been appreciated by passionate chefs and cooks throughout history, it is copper. Copper cookware is known for its exceptional heat conduction capabilities and classic beauty in the kitchen.

We are especially happy to have the most coveted and popular De Buyer copper pieces available in store. De Buyer, as many of you know, is one of the key brands on the global culinary scene, one of the main manufacturers of iron utensils, stainless steel and also the desired copper pieces. So much so that, in fact, it is the only copper manufacturer in the world with a series suitable for induction . And now they are available at Claudia&Julia!

In this post we will explore the world of cooking with copper utensils and present the two featured collections from De Buyer: the copper collection suitable for cooking on all stoves, including induction, and the collection that is suitable only for gas, hobs electric and ceramic hobs (both collections are suitable for the oven).

In addition, we will provide you with maintenance tips so that you can enjoy your copper utensils for many years.

De Buyer Copper Utensils

Benefits of cooking in Copper: Elegance and Efficiency

I think that anyone who owns or acquires a piece of copper should be aware of what a great piece they are going to acquire, if they are not already.

Copper is a material with a long culinary tradition. It offers excellent thermal conductivity, superior to that of iron and multi-layer stainless steel , with uniform heat distribution throughout the utensil. Thanks to the perfect heat transmission and the guarantee of a constant temperature, it is an exceptional material for cooking.

I believe that this great efficiency in distribution, gentle cooking and heat control is the greatest benefit of copper pieces, the reason why great chefs or those who enjoy cooking want to have one of these pieces.

They are incredible pieces: De Buyer's are pieces that are made of 90% copper and 10% stainless steel (note: 90% copper, and partially handmade). But apart from that, there are some more benefits that cannot be ignored: they are non-stick-free pieces , so in them you can cook all your recipes 100% naturally; They are utensils of incredible beauty and elegance (you won't want to put them away, you'll want to hang them in plain sight both to have them on hand and to decorate the kitchen); and they are utensils that last a lifetime .

    De Buyer Copper Pieces

    De Buyer mainly has 2 collections made of copper: one is suitable for gas, electric hobs and ceramic hobs (the Inocuivre collection) and the second is also suitable for induction cookers (Prima Matera collection).

    Both collections have an exceptional composition, combining 90% copper and 10% 18/10 stainless steel and a high-quality mirror finish. The manual polishing of the copper is done by hand , following an ancient artisan tradition, which makes each piece unique. But what makes them different?

    • The Inocuivre Collection (suitable for gas, electric plates, ceramic hob and oven): These are the traditional and most representative copper pieces of French gastronomy, suitable for all kitchens except induction. This collection is available in two versions:

      • With a classic air, in the purest style of French " haute cuisine" , with riveted cast iron handles and handles .
      • With a more modern look, with French curvature and cast stainless steel handles and handles , also riveted.
    • The Prima Matera Collection (also suitable for Induction): Developed by De Buyer in 2010, it is the first and only line of solid copper utensils on the market suitable for induction cookers . Its special ferromagnetic stainless steel base allows it to be used on any heat source, including induction hobs. It is also suitable for cooking in the oven.

    As you will see, the only difference between the De Buyer Prima Matera and Incuivre copper ranges is only the possibility of using the Prima Matera pieces in induction, the range designed specifically for this (unique in the world).

      From each of these collections we have been able to bring the most commonly requested pieces, such as: the copper frying pan, the saucepan, the high and low roaster-type pots, the sauté or the paella pan... and some looser pieces that It is often the wish of those who love cooking.

      They are, in all cases, robust pieces with a copper exterior and a stainless steel interior and suitable for the oven. They offer you magnificent temperature distribution and control and differ in the bottom (suitable for induction or not) and the handles.

      You will find all the copper pieces here .

      Tips for cooking in copper

      Copper utensils in your kitchen also add a touch of elegance. But you have to know how to use them correctly to get the most out of them and achieve the greatest possible energy savings. I leave you some important tips to keep in mind when cooking in copper:

      • Adapt the size of the fire to the diameter of the diffuser base of the utensil you are going to cook with.
      • Always heat copper utensils over low heat (they are great conductors of heat, you will see that in a very short time you will have the entire utensil at temperature, and this way you will not burn it).
      • If you have to increase the power of the fire, do it gradually.
      • Never cook with them at more than 3/4 of the maximum power that your kitchen allows.
      • Avoid using the booster or high and fast heat.
      • Do not heat the utensil in a vacuum.
      • You can cook with them in the oven, but keep in mind that the maximum recommended temperature is 200 - 220 °C.

      Copper Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

      Copper pieces do not require very special maintenance, they simply need good treatment.
      In this sense, you should not cure them before their first use, and one of the few things you should be clear about is that you should never wash copper pieces in the dishwasher.
      To help you, here is a summary of the cleaning tips that may interest you:
      • Its stainless steel interior makes cleaning much easier, so you only need to wash by hand with a soft sponge and soap. In case of stuck-on food, let it soak for a few minutes with soap and water, clean with a sponge or brush to remove embedded remains, and rinse. Dry well after washing.
      • The copper exterior changes color with heat contact. To return it to its usual tone you can use special copper cleaning paste.
      • If some areas have darkened, to clean the outside of the copper pieces you can use a dry cloth with your usual multi-purpose spray cleaner. If several days have passed since the dark stains appeared, you can apply a cloth with vinegar, or make a baking soda solution with a little water and apply it with a soft cloth on the copper.

      Cooking and maintaining copper utensils, as you see, has no secret other than patience, care and affection. The same techniques that are used at De Buyer in the manufacturing of each of these pieces. We hope you enjoy your purchase and its delicious results on the table!

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      Claudia Ferrer

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