Roasting is a culinary technique that has gained popularity in recent times, and you can apply it very easily and without turning on the oven with a chestnut pan*!

*Not all chestnut pans will work for you, but the De Buyer chestnut pan will definitely work for you, because unlike other chestnut pans the holes are small and lateral (the fruits do not go through the holes). The De Buyer is a very affordable frying pan and it is also made of iron, so it will last a lifetime at home.

Roasting involves dry cooking ingredients at high temperatures to develop unique flavors and deepen their flavor profile. Although often associated with roasting coffee beans and nuts, this technique is versatile and can be applied to a wide variety of foods.

What's even more exciting is that you can explore this technique in the comfort of your home, and all you need is a perforated frying pan or, in other words, a chestnut pan: being made of iron, grab it now. yes, a very high temperature, but also, thanks to its holes and the contact so close to the heat source, the roasting is most effective and acquires an incredible roasted aroma. Added to this process is the special design of the bottom of the De Buyer perforated pan , with circles that promote air circulation and facilitate perfect toasting.

Discover the Possibilities of Roasting in Your Kitchen

Have you ever wanted to give a special touch to your homemade dishes? With a chestnut pan, you can take your cooking skills to the next level. You'll wonder how you lived this long without experiencing the magic of roasting!

Chestnut frying pan for dried fruits

Perfect Ingredients for Roasting in a Perforated Pan

  • Cereals and Oatmeal: Oatmeal toasted in a perforated pan acquires an irresistible flavor and texture. Be sure to brown them until they are crispy and have a delicious nutty flavor.

  • Nuts and Seeds: From almonds and hazelnuts to sunflower or pumpkin seeds (more details below), roasting accentuates the flavors and makes these foods even more delicious. The side perforations of the pan ensure even heat distribution, preventing burning.

  • Dried Fruits: Even dried fruits like raisins, cranberries, or apple slices can be roasted! This releases their natural flavors and aromas, turning them into delicious bites.

  • Shredded Coconut: Shredded coconut turns crispy and golden after a short roasting session.

Nuts and seeds to toast:

Here are some examples of seeds and other nuts that you can toast to enhance their flavor and texture:

  1. Pumpkin seeds: Toasting them gives them a delicious nutty flavor and makes them crunchier. They are perfect as a topping on salads or appetizers.

  2. Sunflower seeds: Toasting them makes them a healthy and tasty snack. They are also an excellent complement to muesli or yogurt.

  3. Cashews: By roasting cashews, you bring out their buttery flavor and make them crunchier. They can be a delicious snack on their own.

  4. Nuts: Roasted nuts have a deeper flavor and crunchier texture. They are ideal for salads or as a garnish in main dishes.

  5. Almonds: Roasted almonds are a classic snack and can also be chopped to use in sweet and savory recipes.

  6. Peanuts: Roasted peanuts are a classic in bars, but you can also make them at home with your own spices.

  7. Pumpkin seeds: In addition to the seeds, you can roast pumpkin seeds, which are tasty and nutritious.

  8. Peanuts in the shell: Roasting peanuts in the shell can be a fun snack for movie nights at home.

Remember that each type of nut or seed may require slightly different roasting times and temperatures.

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Roasting

  • Preheat your Skillet: Before adding ingredients, make sure your perforated skillet is very hot. This ensures that cooking is uniform and that the food takes on a beautiful golden color.

  • Roasting is done dry , without adding oils or butters (you just have to heat the pan, add the ingredient or ingredients to toast and wait for the heat to do its job, toast them). You just have to stir the pan for homogeneous toasting and avoid burning.
  • Keep an eye on the cooking: Roasting can move quickly, so make sure you don't leave the kitchen during the process. Stir the ingredients frequently so that they roast evenly.
  • Be Creative with Spices: Adding spices like cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla to your cereals gives them a delicious aroma and an even more exquisite flavor.

How to use roasted fruits?

Roasted fruits and seeds can be used in various ways in cooking. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of these ingredients:

  1. Healthy snack: Eat the roasted fruits and seeds as they are as a healthy and tasty snack. You can mix different types of nuts and seeds for a delicious combination.

  2. In salads: Add roasted fruits and seeds to your salads to give them a crunchy touch. They work very well with green, fruit and cheese salads.

  3. In yogurt: Sprinkle toasted fruits and seeds over yogurt, whether plain or with fruit. This will give it a crunchy texture and additional flavor.

  4. In main dishes: Use toasted nuts as a topping in main dishes. For example, breaded chicken with toasted almonds is a delicious option.

  5. In desserts: Toasted nuts and seeds are a wonderful complement to desserts. Add them to your cookies, brownies, cakes or ice cream.

  6. Muesli mix: Make your own muesli mix by adding roasted fruits and seeds to rolled oats, dried fruits and other ingredients of your choice.

  7. To make nut butter: place the nuts of your choice in a food processor and start grinding. As is, without anything else... And you will get an exquisite hazelnut butter, peanut butter or whatever you have chosen, ideal for spreading toast or preparing your recipes!
  8. In curry dishes: Roasted nuts, such as almonds, can add crunch and flavor to your curry dishes.
  9. Cheese Side: Serve toasted nuts and seeds with a cheese board for a sophisticated dining experience.

  10. In shakes and smoothies: Add roasted fruits and seeds to your shakes and smoothies to give them texture and flavor.

  11. In rice or pasta dishes: Toasted seeds, such as sesame or pumpkin seeds, are an excellent complement to rice, pasta or stir-fry dishes.

Remember that you can experiment with different combinations of roasted nuts and seeds to create unique and delicious dishes.

    Recipes and Ideas for Homemade Muesli Varieties

    • Classic Muesli: Mix toasted oat flakes with almonds, hazelnuts, raisins and grated coconut. Serve with natural yogurt and fresh fruits.

    • Fruit Muesli: Add pieces of dried banana, dried apples and blueberries to your toasted cereals for a touch of fruity flavor.

    Granola with yogurt

    NOTE: Remember that preserving muesli is important! Making your own muesli has the advantage of customization and convenience. You can make a large batch of roasted muesli at once and store it in an airtight glass container . This allows you to save time in the morning and always have a healthy breakfast on hand. Make sure you store your muesli in a cool, dry place to maintain its freshness.


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