Buñuelos de viento rellenos de nata

Wind fritters filled with cream

Buñuelos are a very typical dessert of Spanish gastronomy. I bring you an easy recipe to prepare the classic buñuelos de viento and I explain how to prepare the vanilla and whipped cream pastry cream filling or whipped cream. In addition, I will tell you how to get them to increase a lot and remain very hollow. I encourage you to prepare them because they are a true delight. You will see that your family appreciates that little time in the kitchen. A great luxury dessert for very little money.

Espárragos verdes al limón (en sartén y al horno)

Green asparagus with lemon (in the pan and in the oven)

You already know that I love to explore simple recipes that fill the table with delicious accompaniments without requiring much more time to be spent in the kitchen. So today I bring the recipe to make asparagus with lemon, a dish that is both a first course and such if you want to enjoy it alone, as an appetizer (I'll tell you how) or it is undoubtedly the perfect vegetable to accompany a meat dish. or fish.
Champiñones con miso y miel

Mushrooms with miso and honey

This recipe for mushrooms with miso offers you a delicious and surprising combination of sweet and savory flavors. Today's recipe is undoubtedly a perfect option for everyday use, because you will make it in no time and it will liven up any meal due to its flavor and contrast.
Ensalada de tomate y espárragos a la naranja

Tomato and asparagus salad with orange

Simple, natural and with an orange vinaigrette that you will love in your salads and fish, this is this recipe for sauteed wild asparagus and tomatoes.
Lomo de ternera marinado y pesto de espinacas

Marinated beef tenderloin and spinach pesto

Do you know what the secret of Brazilians is to cook those delicious meats on the grill? Marinate them! Preparing a tasty marinade takes a few minutes and the flavored oil penetrates the meat , adding more flavor and helping it to be juicier and more tender.
Habitas salteadas con ajo, mozzarella y tomate seco

Sautéed broad beans with garlic, mozzarella and dried tomato

I bring you a recipe with beans from my day to day that I love. I love the rooms. I like them simply sautéed with garlic; the day I want to treat myself I add mozzarella, which when it melts is scary with the beans. But the way I enjoy them the most is taking just two more minutes and sautéing them with mozzarella, dried tomatoes in oil and pine nuts. What a rich combination!
Recetas de palomitas: palomitas de 3 maneras

Popcorn Recipes: Popcorn 3 Ways

If, like me, you love to enjoy a good movie and you can't imagine doing it without a bowl full of popcorn, I'm going to tell you a secret to have it ready in less time than it will take you to sit on the sofa, without making a mess, and in the pan!

I bring you how to make a variety of popcorn: Mediterranean popcorn, caramelized popcorn and curry popcorn. You can change the recipe every time you change movies and enjoy popcorn like you haven't done before at home!
Masa de pizza en sartén

Pizza dough in pan

You can make pizza without turning on the oven! What do you say to that? The recipe for making pizza in a pan is ideal for making assorted mini pizzas or preparing a delicious individual size pizza, but without having to turn on the oven -yes, there is a pizza recipe without an oven!
Setas al ajillo

Garlic mushrooms

The garlic mushrooms they are an ideal way to enjoy mushrooms. In this case, we do garlic mushrooms , since it is a recipe that you can make all year round. It is an easy and effective recipe.

Gyozas vegetales (empanadillas chinas)

Vegetable gyozas (Chinese dumplings)

I love the way different Asian cuisines spice up their dishes. The most insipid foods are transformed into tasty morsels, with peculiar and very powerful flavors. Among my favorites are gyozas, Chinese dumplings that I could eat with two hands and every day of the week.
Frittata de verduras con parmesano

Vegetable Frittata with Parmesan

One of the best ways to eat eggs and vegetables, and a great way to round off a dinner, is the fritatta.

Unlike with the tortilla, the fritatta allows us to ignore the pan and we do not have to be aware of it to turn it. We simply prepare the ingredients on the fire and, once ready, we bake them.

Pimientos rellenos de Bacalao

Peppers stuffed with cod

One of the most popular ways to prepare peppers is to stuff them, especially when it comes to piquillo peppers.

Some people prefer them stuffed with meat or seafood, but those with cod are usually the most popular because they are very easy to prepare and because everyone at home likes them.