Canelé de Pascua: mousse de chocolate negro con caramelo y cacahuete

Easter canelé with chocolate, caramel and peanuts

El nombre de esta receta es de lo más revelador, no esconde ningún secreto aparte de su delicioso sabor y de su suave y dulce interior. Pero aunque parezca que el canelé de Pascua con chocolate, caramelo y cacahuete ya lo haya dicho todo en su enunciado, nada más lejos de la realidad. Sigue leyendo y sabrás a qué me refiero.
Lava cake o pastel volcán de chocolate

Lava cake or chocolate volcano cake

Pay close attention, because today's recipe is not for any ordinary cake, but is pure exaltation of chocolatier pleasure. The lava cake or molten chocolate cake is reminiscent of the exquisite chocolate coulant, an excellent pastry preparation that, well prepared, makes you cry with emotion. Today I bring you the step by step to make the lava cake.
Mini-Rollitos de col rellenos de carne, piñones y pasas

Mini cabbage rolls stuffed with meat, pine nuts and raisins

Stuffed rolls are a great option to offer a complete and visual dish Today, these mini-rolls are stuffed with lamb meat, pine nuts, raisins and spices, an exquisite recipe that you can make very easily.
Tallarines con verduras en salsa cremosa

Noodles with vegetables in creamy sauce

Pasta is one of the foods that gives the most play in the kitchen. If you like to make it at home or if you buy fresh or dry pasta, you will agree with me that just sautéed with a little oil and laminated garlic, they will dress up your food wonderfully. But if you want an overwhelming success, with this recipe for noodles with vegetables in creamy sauce they will make you the wave.
Guisantes verdes picantes

Spicy green peas

Bringing you a flavorful appetizer, snack or side dish: these Pan-fried Spicy Green Peas are the easiest Indian recipe to make and a delicious bite to eat. The sweetness of the peas and the acidity of the lemon make this recipe very fresh and mixes with the intense flavor of spices, with a most surprising result. Undoubtedly, due to its intense flavor, this recipe is a great representative of Indian cuisine (you can also find them as "batany fry").
Cómo hacer leche de arroz casera

How to make homemade rice milk

I think you will be surprised to see how quickly you can make the richest, sweetest homemade rice milk with the perfect creaminess to enjoy with each sip. This rice milk recipe is made with raw rice, without prior cooking, and it is very tasty! We are also talking about a 100% natural milk, 100% vegetable and without added sugars. Do you want more reasons to prepare it at home in a few minutes?
Pimientos asados con huevo

roasted peppers with egg

I bring you a rounded recipe: with a bright and colorful color, full of flavor, very easy to make and perfect for dipping bread. Can you ask for more? It is about some peppers with egg... which you will also do without oil!
Pan dulce trenzado Vianočka

Vianočka braided sweet bread

I bring you a very traditional braided bread in countries like the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Its name is vianočka and it is a soft sweet bread with a delicious touch of vanilla. Its name comes from the word vianoce, which means Christmas, and the braid originally represented baby Jesus wrapped in his blanket. But today it is not only done at Christmas, but is enjoyed throughout the year.
Guiso de garbanzos con verduras y harissa

Chickpea stew with vegetables and harissa

I don't know if the same thing will happen to you, but there are days when I feel like a lot of spoon dishes, stews with a lot of flavor... Although I don't always have all the time I would like to carry them out. Today I bring you one of those recipes that not only make us enjoy while we taste it, but it is done in a jiffy. A chickpea stew with vegetables and harissa that you can have ready in less than 30 minutes.

Tortas de sal tradicionales

traditional salt cakes

Salt tortas are one of the most popular traditional recipes in Vega Baja del Segura. There is no child who has not taken a cake to school to enjoy it at recess and which, together with the “miguicas” cakes (my favourites), is one of the most popular snacks among the children in my region.

Leche de plátano koreana

Korean Banana Milk

Find out what banana milk is and how to prepare it at home with this traditional and authentic recipe! Banana milk is a delicious drink, and I would love for you to discover it.
Cómo hacer orejas de Carnaval

How to make carnival ears

Whether flakes, orellas, orelletes, beignets or carnival ears, among many other names, surely you know in depth or have heard of this fried, crunchy and addictive sweet, typical of these dates and which owes its most popular name to a curious story.