Strudel de jamón y queso

Strudel de jamón y queso

Tal vez sea la primera vez que ves un strudel salado, pero las hay de mil y un sabores. Hoy te traigo un básico irresistible, cómo preparar un Strudel de jamón y queso delicioso, al que añado un toquecito de ajo. ¡En casa nos encanta!
Tarta de tomates cherry y burrata

Cherry tomato and burrata tart

Today I bring you a salty cake that is all color and flavor. If the caprese salad dressed up for a party, it would be very similar to this cherry tomato and burrata tart. With its colourful, aromatic and tasty filling, it is a recipe that seems very summery to me and that is perfect to share at picnics in the open air.
Paté de Pascua (Pâté de Pâques)-Claudia&Julia

Easter Pâté (Pâté de Pâques)

This Easter, I invite you to join us in preparing a recipe that brings the spirit of spring directly to our table: the French recipe for Pâté de Pâques (Easter Pâté). This dish, with roots in the heart of France's Loire Valley, is more than just a meal; It is a symbol of celebration, uniting the delicacy of pâté and the tradition of Easter eggs in a perfect harmony of flavors and textures.
Aperitivos rápidos y deliciosos: 6 recetas para brillar en las celebraciones familiares-Claudia&Julia

Quick and delicious appetizers: 6 recipes to shine at family celebrations

Which appetizer will you like the most? I think that among these options of canapes and toasts that we bring you today, you won't know which one to decide on... Because they are all delicious appetizers! In addition, making them takes very little time but you will look wonderfully well at engagement lunches and dinners. Look at the appetizers we bring you! I hope you find them inspiring. Let's go get them!
Pastel de cebolla, paso a paso-Claudia&Julia

Onion cake, step by step

Back to the cold, Back to the oven! I find it to be a wonderful ally in the kitchen, because it allows me to not worry about tending to the stove and the result is always fantastic. And this onion cake is good proof of this, you will immediately see why!
Tarta invertida de alcachofas, cebolla y jamón-Claudia&Julia

Inverted artichoke, onion and ham cake

Discover the uniqueness of a recipe that defies expectations: the artichoke and ham upside-down cake. Prepared in Bra's versatile Infinity pan, this creation, although a departure from the classic tarte Tatin technique, promises unrivaled culinary delight.
Galette de queso de cabra, higos y avellanas (tarta salada de temporada)-Claudia&Julia

Goat cheese, fig and hazelnut galette (seasonal savory tart)

If you have ever heard that grapes with cheese taste like a kiss, I can assure you that the union of purple figs with cheese is no wonder. This goat cheese, fig and thyme galette is a good example of this perfect combination and one of the most successful recipes at home, during fig season.
Tartaletas de queso cabra y cebolla balsámica caramelizada-Claudia&Julia

Goat cheese and caramelized balsamic onion tartlets

Would you like to try one of my favorite tartlets? These Goat Cheese Tartlets with Balsamic Onion are perfect for those moments when you want to enjoy something tasty and uncomplicated. If you use refrigerated puff pastry, everything becomes much simpler and you just have to be careful when caramelizing the onion, add generous portions of goat cheese and let the oven do its magic until they are golden and crispy.
Quiche de tomate crujiente

Crispy tomato quiche

This crunchy tomato quiche recipe has everything to make a name for itself among your favourites. I hope to surprise you with this dish that is very easy to prepare, and that allows you to take advantage of time while doing other things (and you can even have it cooked beforehand)... And it is very, very tasty!
Tarta tatin Mediterránea (tarta tatin de vegetales)-Claudia&Julia

Mediterranean tarte tatin (vegetable tart tatin)

Yes, apart from making apple tatin, pear tatin, plum tatin and so many other delicious fruits, you can make savory tart tatin. Today I come with this vegetable tart tatin - it tastes delicious and becomes a wonderfully appreciative first course or dinner, for those who prepare it and for those who enjoy it.
Tarta de atún, queso feta y aceitunas negras

Tuna tart, feta cheese and black olives

Today's recipe is a cake that tastes and smells like summer, picnic afternoons and dinners on the terrace. With very Mediterranean reminiscences that come with feta cheese, oregano or black olives. A cake covered in the purest "pie" style that I am sure you will love and that in addition to making it as I indicate, you can vary it to your liking in many different ways, taking inspiration from the suggestions that you will find at the end.
Pastel de Cierva

Deer Cake

The Cierva cake is a typical elaboration of the Murcian region, dating from the end of the s. XIX (with legend included) on the coast of the Mar Menor. It is a somewhat peculiar recipe, as it combines the salty flavor of the filling with the sweetness of the dough in a single bite. It is quite a striking contrast, especially for those who have not known her since they were children, and come across her out of the blue, since the sweet/salty contrasts are very pronounced.