Cómo hacer leche de arroz casera-Claudia&Julia

How to make homemade rice milk

I think you will be surprised to see how quickly you can make the richest, sweetest homemade rice milk with the perfect creaminess to enjoy with each sip. This rice milk recipe is made with raw rice, without prior cooking, and it is very tasty! We are also talking about a 100% natural milk, 100% vegetable and without added sugars. Do you want more reasons to prepare it at home in a few minutes?
Leche de plátano koreana-Claudia&Julia

Korean Banana Milk

Find out what banana milk is and how to prepare it at home with this traditional and authentic recipe! Banana milk is a delicious drink, and I would love for you to discover it.
Pan de harina de garbanzos y miel-Claudia&Julia

Chickpea flour and honey bread

Healthy, easy, fast, and gluten-free, this chickpea bread recipe is the perfect recipe to make a quick and highly digestible bread. Combine them with cream cheese, or use it to accompany roasted vegetables, dried tomato, poached onion... It will be the ideal combination!
Pastel de chocolate sin gluten

gluten free chocolate cake

Today is a great day, I share with you the best gluten-free chocolate cake ; and it's not just me who says so, – also, eh! – so far, I haven't found anyone who tells me otherwise.
Donuts de manzana saludables y fáciles

Healthy and easy apple donuts

You can make healthy donuts! Yes, today I surprise you (I hope) with these delicious apple-based donuts fried with hardly any oil... And some ideas to decorate them to your liking!
Tartaletas de almendra y chocolate (sin horno)

Almond and chocolate tartlets (no oven)

Very easy to make and without the need for an oven, these almond, pistachio and chocolate tartlets have become the best fit and essential for dessert time when there are guests at home. And when there aren't any, too: they're super easy to make, they're healthy, gluten-free and they taste like chocolate heaven.
Galletas saludables de avena y chocolate (¡Deliciosas, sin gluten y sin azúcar!)

Healthy Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies (Delicious, gluten-free, and sugar-free!)

I have not seen a faster and easier cookie recipe to make than this one with banana and oat flakes. It's as easy to make as you mash the banana, mix with the oatmeal and bake. Today I bring the two modalities of this recipe that are most successful at home. Of course, they incorporate chocolate: "Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies" and "Chocolate Coated Coconut Oatmeal Cookies." Which one do you think you will stay with?
Layer cake de manzana

apple layer cake

The most moist and aesthetic, this apple layer cake (apple mille-feuille or apple layer cake) leaves no one indifferent. It looks like a sponge cake on the outside but inside there are layers and layers of sweet baked apple and, in fact, very little dough.
Calabacines rellenos

Stuffed courgettes

Have you tried making stuffed vegetables? It's easy, it's colorful and elegant and a most practical and tasty option. This time of year is when we eat more stuffed vegetables at home. It is an elegant and different way of enjoying vegetables, you can look good if it is a holiday by having a light first course
Peras al horno con avena y pasta brisa

Baked pears with oatmeal and shortcrust pastry

What do you do when you have leftover shortcrust pastry that you had to cut out of a cake? Or if you have some pears in the fruit bowl that make eyes for you to enjoy as you please? Today I bring you a super successful recipe to prepare in 3 minutes and enjoy after nothing: baked pears with oatmeal and shortcrust pastry. A delicious treat!
Bizcocho de limón y almendra (y sin gluten)

Lemon and almond cake (and gluten free)

There are many lemon sponge cakes, but the truth is that this lemon and almond sponge cake is one of the most liked at home. I also prepare it with a quick and simple lemon glaze, which apart from finishing it better in presentation, enhances its lemon flavor even more. It is a gluten-free sponge cake recipe, ideal for all those who are looking for alternatives to wheat sponge cakes.
Tortitas de plátano y cacao (y cómo hacer crepes con deshidratadora)

Banana and cocoa pancakes (and how to make crepes with a dehydrator)

The dehydrator is useful for much more than making dehydrated fruit chips for a snack or dehydrating onions, garlic, mushrooms and aromatic plants to always have them ready for your stews. With this recipe for dehydrated banana and cocoa crepes I hope to shed light on the possibilities offered by the air dehydrator, and of course I hope that with them you will enjoy some of the healthiest, most energetic and tasty breakfasts.