Mermelada de frambuesa y pimiento de Espelette"-Claudia&Julia

Raspberry, capsicum and Espelette pepper jam

If you like discovering new flavors as much as I do, resulting from the combination of ingredients that, a priori, you would not have thought of mixing, I assure you that you will love the recipe for this raspberry, pepper and Espelette pepper jam.
Nata de coco (nata montada vegana)-Claudia&Julia

Nata de coco (vegan whipped cream)

Vegan coconut cream, that heavenly touch that rivals any traditional cream, is the star of our journey today. In just 5 minutes and with only 3 ingredients, you will create a unique experience for your palate. The result? A smooth and deliciously indulgent cream that will completely change your perception of vegan alternatives. And you'll want to apply it on everything! From accompanying some strawberries to any cake or sponge cake, and without a doubt adding a spoonful to your coffee or cappuccino.
Salsa de arándanos para tus tartas, crepes, yogur, bizcochos y muffins-Claudia&Julia

Blueberry sauce for your cakes, crepes, yogurt, cakes and muffins

We often look for a side that is as juicy as it is delicious to accompany crepes and waffles, and this cranberry sauce that I bring you today takes just a few minutes to make, and it is delicious.

It is also perfect for filling or decorating cakes, for biscuits and bundt cakes, or for your cupcakes and muffins:
Relleno de cerezas para tartas y pasteles

Cherry filling for tarts and cakes

You are going to make a cherry filling for tarts, tartlets and biscuits in just a few minutes and it is really delicious. The filling of cherries (or any fruit you use) is a most versatile and addictive preparation: the process is the same as if you make cherry jam, but with a much lower proportion of sugar, so it is healthier and you you will eat it without remorse.
Mermelada de naranja casera

homemade orange marmalade

I bring you a recipe that will leave an irresistible smell in your house, it will be the ideal accompaniment for Sunday breakfasts and it can also be turned into a small homemade gift to surprise on these dates . Sounds good?