Semlor - Bollos suecos-Claudia&Julia

Semlor - Swedish Buns

Los semlor o semla (en singular), es uno de los dulces más tradicionales de Suecia, Finlandia, Dinamarca, Noruega y Estonia. Se trata de un bollo de cardamomo relleno de crema de almendras y nata. En mi caso, he optado por la nata y el mascarpone, ya que para mi gusto, queda, además de con una mejor textura y cuerpo, mucho más rico.
Tocino de cielo tradicional

Traditional heavenly bacon

The homemade recipe for tocino de cielo, this traditional dessert of Spanish gastronomy with more than 500 years of history, has great followers and, apart from being a perfect dessert to enjoy on Sundays with the family, it is also an ideal recipe to take advantage of the yolks. of eggs on the day you have a surplus*.
Peras al vino tinto-Claudia&Julia

Pears in red wine

Maybe you don't know that this traditional Pears in Wine dessert that you've probably heard about is a very easy recipe to make. In addition to delicious and elegant! Delve into the fascinating tradition of Pears in Red Wine!
Receta de pastel de manzanas caramelizadas en croute

Apple and caramelized walnut pie en croûte

One of the delicacies that cannot be missing in any homemade sweets recipe is apple pie. Whether in its most classic version with a puff pastry base or cooked upside down with the illustrious surname Tatin, any preparation that combines a crunchy dough with apples is a guaranteed success. And that is precisely what you are going to get with this caramelized apple and walnut pie en croûte.
Religiosas de crema pastelera y chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Religious pastry cream and chocolate

One of the desserts that makes me travel back in time and takes me back to Sundays for family celebrations is the tray of profiteroles or assorted Lyonnaises which, by taking center stage on the table, became the reason for applause. These pastry cream and chocolate nuns would have been my salvation, because when I had to choose between cream, truffle or cream profiteroles, they all looked delicious and I couldn't decide on my favourite.
Cantucci: galletas de almendra italianas-Claudia&Julia

Cantucci: Italian almond cookies

These charming Italian cookies, known as Cantucci or almond biscotti , are a crunchy delight that has captivated palates for generations. Similar to carquiñolis, their characteristic toasted almond flavor and crunchy texture make them a favorite choice, especially during the Christmas festivities.
Peras a la vainilla con frutos rojos y helado de vainilla-Claudia&Julia

Vanilla pears with red berries and vanilla ice cream

In my kitchen, there are certain utensils that become true culinary heroes, and the Dupla Prior frying pan by Bra is definitely one of them. Beyond his genius for making tortillas, I discovered his incredible ability to transform simple pears into a heavenly dessert (And in just 10 minutes!).
Tarta Karpatka (la popular tarta polaca, paso a paso)-Claudia&Julia

Karpatka cake (the popular Polish cake, step by step)

Choux dough lovers, this recipe is without a doubt for you. I present to you a preparation that, I am sure, will become part of your recipe book, Karpatka Cake, a famous Polish cake made with choux dough and vanilla mousseline cream.

Tarta tiramisú-Claudia&Julia

tiramisu cake

Go ahead, before anyone raises their hand, this tiramisu cake recipe is a version of one of the quintessential Italian desserts, a different way of preparing and presenting it that, I can assure you, is delicious.
Barquillos rellenos de crema o nata (neulas tradicionales rellenas)-Claudia&Julia

Wafers filled with cream or cream (traditional stuffed neulas)

If something makes a traditional holiday in my house it is to bring to the table some wafers or stuffed "neulas", as we always call them at home. We love them! They are never lacking on the Christmas and Easter table, and we take them out after dessert, along with nougats or tea cakes, at coffee time. They're a perfect sweet bite to end the meal, AND they're so easy to make at home!
Lava cake o pastel volcán de chocolate-Claudia&Julia

Lava cake or chocolate volcano cake

Pay close attention, because today's recipe is not for any ordinary cake, but is pure exaltation of chocolatier pleasure. The lava cake or molten chocolate cake is reminiscent of the exquisite chocolate coulant, an excellent pastry preparation that, well prepared, makes you cry with emotion. Today I bring you the step by step to make the lava cake.
Pan dulce trenzado Vianočka-Claudia&Julia

Vianočka braided sweet bread

I bring you a very traditional braided bread in countries like the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Its name is vianočka and it is a soft sweet bread with a delicious touch of vanilla. Its name comes from the word vianoce, which means Christmas, and the braid originally represented baby Jesus wrapped in his blanket. But today it is not only done at Christmas, but is enjoyed throughout the year.