Cake de limón y merengue

Lemon and meringue cake

It's starting to smell like summer and one of the aromas that are inevitably linked to good weather is lemon. Baking any cake that includes it, as is the case with this Lemon Meringue Cake, leaves a wonderful smell in the kitchen and, I assure you, it is difficult not to fall into the temptation of trying it before bringing it to the table.
Tortilla de patatas y pimientos (¡en sartén de hierro!)

Potato and pepper omelette (in an iron skillet!)

Come on, let's take out the iron tortilla pan to give it one of its most obvious uses (not at all unique!), and enjoy a very traditional tortilla, the potato one, with the added flavor of red pepper. and green. You will see how delicious!
Ensalada tibia de espinacas, vieras y rebozuelos

Warm salad with spinach, scallops and chanterelles

This warm salad of spinach, scallops and chanterelles, with the master recipe of chef Philippe Laruelle, is a delicacy; You just have to prepare it to convince yourself.
Gratin Dauphinois: Gratinado de Patatas clásico

Gratin Dauphinois: Classic Potato Gratin

Today I bring you a classic recipe for Potato Gratin, also known as Gratin Dauphinois in French cuisine. It is a rich, comforting dish consisting of thinly sliced ​​potatoes, slowly cooked in cream or a mixture of milk and cream, with garlic and often grated cheese on top until a golden, crispy crust forms.
Brochetas de salmón marinadas al limón y ajo

Lemon and garlic marinated salmon skewers

When the good weather invites us to enjoy meals outdoors, there is no better way to celebrate than by lighting up the grill to prepare something special. Today I propose a recipe that captures the essence of these moments, the Lemon Marinated Salmon Skewers, perfect for cooking on your Le Creuset iron grill or on the traditional barbecue.
Receta de brookie, browni y galleta

Brookie, the perfect brownie and cookie mix

Imagine fusing the indulgence of a dense, chocolatey brownie with the crunchy joy of a chocolate chip cookie. This sweet tooth dream comes true in our brookies recipe, a dessert that promises to capture hearts and delight palates.
Receta de rosquillas rápidas

Microwave Vanilla Donuts (Donuts®︎ express)

This sweet adventure today promises to satisfy a whim without taking too much time in the kitchen! Today I bring you a simply irresistible recipe: Vanilla Donuts in the Microwave, a delicious and quick dessert or snack to prepare, and without frying!, that will become your new favorite for those moments when you need a sweet treat without complications. Yes, I'm talking about making Donuts®︎ quickly and without frying.
Pecho de Ternera Ahumado (¡y super delicioso!)

Smoked Beef Brisket (and super delicious!)

In the kitchen, the art of smoking knows no seasons and, thanks to the Nordic Ware smoker, we can enjoy that incomparable smoked flavor at any time of the year. Today we want to share with you a simple but spectacular recipe that will delight your family and friends: a tender, juicy and perfectly smoked beef brisket.
Paté de Pascua (Pâté de Pâques)

Easter Pâté (Pâté de Pâques)

This Easter, I invite you to join us in preparing a recipe that brings the spirit of spring directly to our table: the French recipe for Pâté de Pâques (Easter Pâté). This dish, with roots in the heart of France's Loire Valley, is more than just a meal; It is a symbol of celebration, uniting the delicacy of pâté and the tradition of Easter eggs in a perfect harmony of flavors and textures.
Magdalenas de Pascua con nidos de chocolate

Easter cupcakes with chocolate nests

Celebrate the arrival of spring and the joy of Easter with a recipe that captures the festive spirit of this time of year: Chocolate Nest Easter Cupcakes. This recipe is the perfect balance of tradition and fun, designed to bring smiles and delicious flavors to your Easter table. Each cupcake is transformed into an enchanting nest, topped with dark chocolate frosting and adorned with colorful Easter eggs, capturing the essence of springtime renewal and rejoicing.

Receta de pollo al curry

Chicken curry recipe

In this chicken curry recipe, I'll walk you through an easy and delicious version of this classic dish. With accessible ingredients and a step-by-step process with photos, you can enjoy a super tasty chicken curry, in the purest Indian style, in no time.
Gua-bao: pan chino al vapor relleno de pato y cebolla caramelizada

Gua-bao: Chinese steamed bread stuffed with duck and caramelized onion

Discover the magic of Gua Bao, a delicious Chinese steamed bread that has conquered palates around the world. Originating from Taiwan, this soft, fluffy bread is a staple in Asian cuisine, known for its versatility and ability to adapt to a wide variety of fillings.