Peras al vino

Pears in red wine

Maybe you don't know that this traditional Pears in Wine dessert that you've probably heard about is a very easy recipe to make. In addition to delicious and elegant! Delve into the fascinating tradition of Pears in Red Wine!
Tarta fácil de caramelo salado y chocolate

Easy Salted Caramel and Chocolate Cake

Uncomplicated but with all the indulgence we could want, this caramel and chocolate cake is simply one of the easiest recipes you can make... But it is delicious! If you shape it into a heart, it is also the perfect recipe for Valentine's Day, or to make love shine at home. Are you up for that?
Receta de pastel de manzanas caramelizadas en croute

Apple and caramelized walnut pie en croûte

One of the delicacies that cannot be missing in any homemade sweets recipe is apple pie. Whether in its most classic version with a puff pastry base or cooked upside down with the illustrious surname Tatin, any preparation that combines a crunchy dough with apples is a guaranteed success. And that is precisely what you are going to get with this caramelized apple and walnut pie en croûte.
Religiosas de crema pastelera y chocolate

Religious pastry cream and chocolate

One of the desserts that makes me travel back in time and takes me back to Sundays for family celebrations is the tray of profiteroles or assorted Lyonnaises which, by taking center stage on the table, became the reason for applause. These pastry cream and chocolate nuns would have been my salvation, because when I had to choose between cream, truffle or cream profiteroles, they all looked delicious and I couldn't decide on my favourite.
Croissants de ricotta horneados en baño de almendra

Ricotta croissants baked in almond bath

International Croissant Day is approaching, and we suggest you enjoy not one but many, transforming these beloved puff pastries into a unique and delicious creation: we turn this Baked croissant filled with ricotta cream into a quick Ricotta, Almond and Blueberry Pudding that will make your guests tremble. In this recipe, croissants become the base for an indulgent and comforting dessert.
Crumble de manzanas

apple crumble

On this occasion, we share with you the infallible recipe for Apple Crumble. A classic that fuses the freshness of apples with a crunchy, golden topping. Originating from the British tradition, this delicious dessert perfectly balances the acidity of the apples with the irresistible crunchy texture of its coating, which today is enhanced with the additional richness of dried fruits. Get ready to discover the secrets that make this Apple Crumble a perennial favorite!
Peras a la vainilla con frutos rojos y helado de vainilla

Vanilla pears with red berries and vanilla ice cream

In my kitchen, there are certain utensils that become true culinary heroes, and the Dupla Prior frying pan by Bra is definitely one of them. Beyond his genius for making tortillas, I discovered his incredible ability to transform simple pears into a heavenly dessert (And in just 10 minutes!).
Flan de huevo en olla rápida

Egg flan in a quick cooker

Among the easiest and most satisfying dessert recipes, egg flan has always been my weakness. Its simplicity in preparation and its delicious flavor make it one of my favorite sweets. And now, I have the pleasure of sharing with you a simplified version of this classic, thanks to the efficiency and speed that the pressure cooker offers us.
Tarta de Manzana y Canela al estilo Jack Skellington

Apple and Cinnamon Cake Jack Skellington Style

A cake filled with apple with a touch of cinnamon, can you resist? During the Halloween season, we are all looking for treats with a mysterious and festive touch. And what better way to celebrate this season than with a Jack Skellington Apple Pie?
Manzana asada con natillas en sartén

Roasted apple with custard in pan

Let's take advantage of the Dupla! Bra's double frying pan is wonderful: it is already wonderful to use alone, individually, but when you put those two pans together you can do wonders. From a wonderful omelet without spilling anything to a tarte tatin...Or this delicious recipe for roasted apples with custard with a touch of vanilla! A perfect and ideal dessert, which I highly encourage you to try.
Cheesecake tradicional con remolinos de Nutella (¡y cómo hacer trufas de chocolate!)

Traditional Cheesecake with Nutella Swirls (and How to Make Chocolate Truffles!)

July 30th arrives, World Cheesecake Day, and here is our proposal for this year: a traditional and creamy cheesecake, filled with cocoa cream and hazelnuts. Without a doubt it is a winning combination! But also, this recipe brings a surprise! What do you think about decorating it with some homemade chocolate truffles that are the easiest to make?
Mousse de chocolate

Chocolate mousse

Soft, delicate and with an intense flavor to its main ingredient, this chocolate mousse that I present to you today has become one of my star recipes. When I want to surprise the little ones at home or I'm looking for a quick and very successful dessert the day I have guests over, it's a great recipe to win them over.