Trucos rápidos para suavizar tu helado ultra congelado

Trucos rápidos para suavizar tu helado ultra congelado

Cuando un helado está muy congelado es difícil de servir, y también de disfrutar. ¡Seguro que te has encontrado con helados en el congelador que parecen rocas! Para recuperar su cremosidad y hacerlo comestible hay varios métodos que te serán de lo más útiles.
Morteros de cocina, cómo usarlo y cómo escogerlo

Morteros de cocina, ¿qué tipos hay y cuál escoger?

Era escuchar la palabra "mortero" y pensar ipso facto en ese cuenco pesado, cerámico y pintado de tonalidades amarillas y verdes que mi madre siempre tenía en casa, con su mazo de madera tradicional tan precioso. Es curioso como esa visión del mortero como un utensilio tradicional o viejuno está absolutamente desfasada, pues el mortero se ha convertido, afortunadamente, en un básico de la cocina moderna.
5 recetas de Tostas variadas, fáciles y deliciosas

5 recipes for varied, easy and delicious toasts

Today I come with something different, a selection of toast recipes that are ideal as an improvised dinner or as a quick appetizer and are always a hit with attendees. There is nothing complicated about preparing a variety of toasts and the result is, in addition to being very attractive, very delicious.
Leche dorada Golden Milk

Golden almond milk (how to make Golden Milk)

What a wonderful find! Golden milk, this spiced almond flavored hot drink, definitely stays in my house! I think I was looking forward to the cold again just to be able to enjoy this extremely delicious and addictive hot plant milk.
Cómo hacer nueces pecanas garrapiñadas (nueces confitadas)

How to make candied pecans (candied nuts)

Caramelized or candied nuts are a delicious sweet, a sugary snack that you cannot escape after eating one. Today I tell you how to make delicious candied pecans at home! Sweet and crunchy, be warned that they are highly addictive, and to make them you only need a frying pan.
Recetas tradicionales de Pascua

Traditional Easter Recipes

We are undoubtedly a country of traditions and we have a lot of popular Easter recipes that are part of our gastronomy and our culture. I was excited to make a compilation of them.
Mermeladas caseras. Su conservación, esterilizacion, pasteurizacion (parte II)

Homemade jams. Its conservation, sterilization, pasteurization (part II)

Last week Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, gave us an introduction to jams and preserves, giving us the differences between jams, preserves and jellies, and explaining how we should go about preparing them.
Mermeladas caseras: Nociones básicas para su preparación (Parte I)

Homemade jams: Basic notions for their preparation (Part I)

Making jam is a pleasure, and enjoying it is a real joy. The main process to prepare it is really simple, but there are many points that are important to know. That is why we have asked Virginia, author of Sweet&Sour, to tell us a little more about them, hoping that it will be of interest to you.
Naked Cake, la vuelta a la tarta tradicional

Naked Cake, a return to traditional cake

I have never been a great follower of fashion, and perhaps for this reason I have never made a cake with fondant or cupcakes with coatings or creams that do not taste like anything, despite their success. You will not have seen on the web or recipes or products or material for it. I admit that it is quite an art to make them, but they simply do not go with me. But there is a fashion that I definitely join, and it is the fashion of naked cakes.
Sartenes Skillet de hierro Le Creuset

Le Creuset Iron Skillet Pans

One of the pans that we sell the most in the store is the Le Creuset Skillet pan. As you know, at Claudia&Julia we are specialists in iron utensils, and we want to answer the most common questions about one of Le Creuset's most iconic pieces, the skillet pan, and tell you why we are great lovers of this pan, which is so versatile. as pretty and durable.
Ahumador de Nordic Ware, válido para mucho más que ahumar

Nordic Ware smoker, valid for much more than smoking

I am very fond of a tool that is nothing seen, and that allows me to achieve results with meat, fish and even vegetables, which are truly wonderful. This is the Nordic Ware smoker , a unique product.
La sartén perfecta

the perfect skillet

Often, when you think about buying a pan, you ask us: What pan do I buy that works for everything and that nothing sticks? And also: "What frying pan can I buy that is non-stick and is not harmful to health?" We'd love to have the perfect pan: affordable, lightweight, durable, versatile, non-stick and all-natural. The problem, to be honest, is that there is no such thing as a perfect pan.