We are undoubtedly a country of traditions and we have a lot of popular Easter recipes that are part of our gastronomy and our culture. I was excited to make a compilation of them.

I hope you enjoy the recipes that we have on the blog and that we have compiled for you here. They are some of our favourites, including a couple from our neighboring countries as well.

1. Hot Cross Buns

Easter cannot be missing from the Hot Cross Buns recipe, those delicious buns typical of these dates, filled with raisins and marked with that cross that makes them so recognizable, so pretty and so tempting. There are many stories that surround these rolls, we invite you to see the recipe and what is behind it -You will see how beautiful! (See recipe)

Hot Cross Buns recipe step by step

2. Easter cake

The Easter cake is a cake from Italy and typical for Easter to celebrate spring. It consists of a puff pastry and a tasty filling, based on spinach, ricotta and eggs. Its origins are very old and the most beautiful thing is that its shell must have, according to tradition, 33 layers, representing the years of Jesus.
We bring you a much simpler version so you can prepare it over and over again, you'll see how delicious it is! (See recipe)

Easy Easter cake

3. Torrijas with orange syrup and honey

As is the tradition during Lent and Easter, we invite you to prepare French toast, this sweet that, although it has its origins in the need to take advantage of leftover bread from several days, is so delicious that it has become a dessert or snack of the most desired.
Instead of using sugar or honey to sweeten them, we suggest you make them with a delicious orange and honey syrup.

French toast recipe

4. Fried milk

Fried milk is one of the most traditional Easter recipes, a delicious dessert and very easy to make. If you are wondering how to make fried milk (and you should, believe me!), you have to know that it is a healthy dish and one of its many attractions is its low caloric intake, taking into account its status as "sweet". It has a flavored flavor and a creamy texture that melts in the mouth , although maintaining consistency to be picked up with your fingers. For its presentation, we simply sprinkle it with sugar and cinnamon powder. For the most daring, it can be flamed with a good liquor, which gives it a very special touch. (See recipe)

Recipe to make fried milk

5. Sweet Honey Cheese Ravioli

Sweet ravioli are a typical Italian sweet, popular at Carnival and Easter . The name may vary depending on the region, but in general throughout Sicily this sweet variety is known as "Cassatelle". The typically traditional ones consist of a filling of ricotta cheese, sugar, cinnamon and chocolate chips. The version that we bring you is with a simple filling of Parmesan cheese and honey. (See recipe)

Cheese and honey ravioli

6. Cream-filled wind fritters

Not only is it an Easter classic but it is a very typical dessert of Spanish gastronomy. In our easy recipe to prepare the classic wind fritters, I explain how to prepare the vanilla pastry cream filling and chantilly or whipped cream. In addition, I will tell you how to make them increase a lot and remain very hollow, so that they can be made super plump and delicious. ( See recipe )

Easter fritters recipe

7. Traditional Easter Mona

And it could not be missing, the step-by-step recipe for the traditional Easter cake, to celebrate these dates and bring a wish to the little ones in the house. The recipe that we have on the blog has been prepared and explained in detail so that it turns out great. You have a few days to get the ingredients you need and practice - you will see that it is not complicated, you just need a good control of the times (super well explained in the texts) and patience to knead. (See recipe)

Step-by-step recipe for mona de pascua

NOTE: If you prefer to make an alternative monkey, an easy Easter monkey with a cake recipe and decorate it, I invite you to see this post , in which we give you ideas to make a most successful monkey.

We want to publish the traditional Easter recipes that we are missing! Can you help us? Tell me, what recipe would you like us to publish typical of these dates? We would love to know what recipe you want to know how to make, whether it is a popular one in the country, like one that you have heard good words about from a neighboring country, or a recipe that is simply a classic in your region. It will be nice to publish all of them! In the meantime, a very Happy Easter!

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