Pan de muerto-Claudia&Julia

bread of the dead

Surely you have ever heard of pan de muerte (or bread of the dead), a recipe that every year, when All Saints' Day approaches, gains more popularity around the world. It is a recipe for an enriched bread, tender and tasty, with a very characteristic shape (with some pieces of dough in the shape of bones crossing it on top).
Pan pelota-Claudia&Julia

bread ball

Making bread is always one of the best options we can choose when we want to disconnect and relax a bit. But, if we also want to enhance our most creative side, we can carry out a different shape like this Bread Ball.
Pan dulce trenzado Vianočka-Claudia&Julia

Vianočka braided sweet bread

I bring you a very traditional braided bread in countries like the Czech Republic or Slovakia. Its name is vianočka and it is a soft sweet bread with a delicious touch of vanilla. Its name comes from the word vianoce, which means Christmas, and the braid originally represented baby Jesus wrapped in his blanket. But today it is not only done at Christmas, but is enjoyed throughout the year.
Babka de chocolate, la receta de que todos hablan

Chocolate babka, the recipe that everyone talks about

It is Easter tradition to make the recipe for Babka or Baba, a fluffy rectangular or crown-shaped braid which is made from a sweet fermented dough so delicious that we are enjoying it all year round. In the babka recipe that we bring today, we tell you how to make a Chocolate Babka delicious and traditional, with the detailed step by step so that you elaborate it without fear and solving all the doubts

Panfoglia, pan en cocotte

Panfoglia, bread in cocotte

You cannot imagine the immense desire I had to brand new my Le Creuset bread cocotte . Since I had it in my hands it was love at first sight! And since I wanted to premiere it in a big way, I decided to prepare this Panfoglia . 
Pan infalible sin levado

Infallible bread without rise

There is something magical about making homemade bread, although getting excited about it usually costs a bit. The world of dough imposes and frightens the number of recipes in which terms such as sourdough, long fermentation, etc. appear. Fortunately, this is not the case with this foolproof bread recipe, as I like to call it.
Brioches de vainilla con pepitas de chocolate

Vanilla brioches with chocolate chips

If you are looking for a soft and delicate dough that leaves a delicious taste in your mouth, you will love the recipe that I bring today, chocolate brioche with a touch of vanilla. The brioche is an ideal snack for breakfast, and if it already has delicious chocolate chips in its filling, you will eat them just as they are taken out of the oven.
Pan fácil en cocotte

easy cocotte bread

Lately, the curiosity to make bread at home has arisen in many. With the right recipe, you can start without complications and with great results. Today's recipe, this easy cocotte bread, is a recipe with which you will get a soft and fluffy bread without complications.
Pan de leche y avena en cocotte cerámica

Milk and oatmeal bread in ceramic cocotte

This recipe so simple and easy to make will not leave you indifferent. This milk and oatmeal bread is soft and tender, “brioched” by the effect of milk and flavored with rosemary honey.
Corona de pan blanco sin amasar

No-Knead White Bread Wreath

The Emile Henry Corona Loaf Pan is not just a pretty pan. It is a mold to enjoy making bread and pastries. In it, you will be able to bake all kinds of breads and obtain a beautiful shape of crown bread, just as you will be able to make brioches of all kinds (in fact, we already have a few recipes with it on the blog).
Pan de capas mediterráneo

Mediterranean layered bread

We bring you a recipe for layered bread, but in order to make it to your liking, this time we will give you homework: you will have to think about which flavors are your favorites in order to round off the finish. Do you dare to try?

Pan de soda irlandés

irish soda bread

If there is an easy bread to prepare, it is, without a doubt, the Irish soda bread. Few ingredients, easy to find, that only need to be mixed, slightly kneaded, and baked. In half an hour of cooking we have a delicious bread ready to eat. No waiting, raising, complicated kneading techniques or the like.