Risotto nero de chipirones

Baby squid risotto

As you probably already know, risotto is a traditional Italian dish that stands out for its creaminess and delicious flavor. This preparation is extremely versatile, being able to be made with a wide variety of ingredients, which makes it an ideal option to adapt it to our taste. Among the most emblematic risottos, the one with mushrooms, the one with cheeses, or this black squid risotto with which you are going to succeed stand out.
Delicias marinas: Pulpo en tempura con alioli de wasabi y cilantro

Sea delights: Octopus in tempura with wasabi and coriander aioli

The heat is here and it is the perfect time to enjoy delicious tapas and refreshing flavors! Take note of this irresistible recipe for "Tempura octopus with wasabi and cilantro aioli", because it is an ideal option to share and enjoy on warm summer days.
Verduras salteadas al estilo oriental

Oriental-style stir-fried vegetables

This oriental-style stir-fried vegetables recipe is a round set of flavors that everyone loves. With artichokes, mushrooms, spring onions, green asparagus, and corn, this luxurious dish is bursting with color and flavor. Very little cooking time is required so that the vegetables retain all their flavor and have that crunch that I love to notice with each bite.
Colas de rape a la americana con almejas

American monkfish tails with clams

You asked us for more recipes for fish en cocotte, and nothing more delicious than monkfish tails in sauce, American style and with clams. It is a truly exquisite recipe, firstly because of its raw material -we all know how exquisite the monkfish is at every bite-, to which is added the high flavor of the sauce with which we accompany it.
Crumble de ruibarbo y fresas con almendras y nata

Rhubarb and strawberry crumble with almonds and cream

A crumble is a typical Irish and Anglo-Saxon dessert that is very easy to make, which basically consists of fresh fruit, which we cover with a mixture of flour, sugar and butter.

The recipe that we bring today is a strawberry and rhubarb crumble delicious , a great way to take advantage of the Fusiontec low pot , a most versatile piece of iron... while we enjoy the delicious fruit that spring brings us. Dear strawberries, roasted you are delicious.

Crostini con sardinas marinadas

Crostini with marinated sardines

There will be no one who can resist this snack or luxury dinner that we propose today. It is a Crostini with marinated sardines made in a very special way: a preparation of fresh sardines, fried and marinated on toasted country bread, topped with a delicious radish and onion pickle. You sign up?
Caldereta de rape con almejas

Monkfish stew with clams

On the occasion of WMF's new launch of the innovative FusionTec pots, we invited Julio to make us a perfect recipe for this upcoming Christmas or to look good at any engagement meal, a delicious stew or monkfish stew with clams. I leave you with the video recipe, and below you have the details of the ingredients and the steps to follow for its preparation.