Cantucci: galletas de almendra italianas-Claudia&Julia

Cantucci: Italian almond cookies

These charming Italian cookies, known as Cantucci or almond biscotti , are a crunchy delight that has captivated palates for generations. Similar to carquiñolis, their characteristic toasted almond flavor and crunchy texture make them a favorite choice, especially during the Christmas festivities.
Cake de limón glaseado

Glazed lemon cake

I don't know if this lemon cake will be the best in the world or not. What I can tell you is that you will fall in love like no one has done before. It is a dense sponge cake, with all the texture of English cakes rich in butter and with a flavor and aromas of lemon that will put everyone in the house in a good mood.

Galletas de chocolate tipo brownie

Chocolate Brownie Cookies

It is difficult to find something faster, simpler and richer to prepare in the kitchen than some homemade cookies (especially if we have an “extra” pair of hands ready to do the job). There are endless cookie recipes, but in general, each of us has one that stands out above the rest, our favorite cookie recipe, the one that never fails. In our case, and after a long and undisputed reign of the typical chocolate chip cookies, these chocolate brownie cookies are our latest weakness.
Coca boba o coca de llanda

Coca boba or coca de llanda

Coca boba may be one of those recipes that have been there, in my life, from day one. My mother used to do it (and still does it) every few minutes as if nothing had happened, without any kind of prolegomena or planning – that's how simple she is; now even my father is encouraged!
Leche frita (receta tradicional)

Fried milk (traditional recipe)

We are going to do our bit so that this delicacy, the authentic fried milk recipe , does not disappear! I really wanted to bring a homemade dessert, one of those that are very popular and curiously, it is being lost in many homes where there is no grandmother nearby. So today I bring you one of the most popular desserts in our country, especially typical of Easter (in fact, it also takes the name of Easter milk, Lenten milk or basca milk ).
Tarta de manzana y espirales de canela

Apple Pie and Cinnamon Spirals

Apple pies are to autumn what trees are to orange and the fall of their leaves. Despite being a sweet that we prepare and eat throughout the year, it is at this time when we most want it. This apple pie and cinnamon spirals is a version of the classic American “apple pie” that Martha Stewart prepares and that stole our hearts from the moment it crossed our path.
Gofres con crema de cacahuetes

Waffles with peanut butter

Nothing like dawn to the smell of freshly made waffles. Making waffles is like making pancakes, you can never make enough and if they have a different flavor on top of that, then it is one of the best ways to start the day, although I will tell you that at home they like them just the same in the morning as in the afternoon.

Pan de Calatrava

Calatrava bread

Related to the family of flans and puddings , Calatrava bread may be one of the easiest recipes to prepare and at the same time most appreciated. Its basic ingredients could not be more: milk, eggs and sugar, to which is added a part of pastries or bread (hence its name) as the main characteristic. Come on, a classic egg flan only with a prize. Doesn't look bad at all, does it?

Pannacotta de toffe

toffee panna cotta

We leave summer behind but there are still days when you feel like having cold desserts. I already have my bundt pans ready to bake this fall but I am also using them for other preparations such as this one today: a pannacotta, which is a dessert with a texture similar to flan, very silky and really delicious. There are different versions of pannacotta: from the simplest, with vanilla, to more sophisticated ones.

Tarta S'mores sin horno

S'mores cake without oven

With these temperatures you have to take a lot of courage (or have a thermometer-proof confectioner's will) to face an oven on. Even so, in order not to discourage those who are reluctant to deprive themselves of a succulent dessert despite the summer heat, today I bring you this S'mores Cake, a recipe that does not require an oven, but that will hardly find a rival among those that do.

Tortitas sin gluten

gluten free pancakes

Possibly, with the hustle and bustle of the week, breakfast is the great forgotten. So one of the things we enjoy the most on weekends is breakfast. It is the ideal time to do something special and unhurried for the whole family.

The gluten-free pancakes that I bring you today are one of the favorites in my family. They are very simple pancakes, with very few ingredients and that are made in 10 minutes.

Pan de plátano

Banana bread

And I am sure that buying bananas has happened to all of us at some point and everyone at home decides that they don't want to eat them that week... And the poor things stay in the fruit bowl looking very unappetizing. Well, this banana bread is without a doubt the solution!