Vasos de Crema de Vainilla con frutos rojos

Cups of Vanilla Cream with red fruits

Although there are countless recipes for varied creams, with some of the richest results, I assure you that the flavor of this vanilla cream with red berries is so soft and delicate that it will captivate you. A single teaspoon of these little glasses is enough to totally surrender to it and turn it into THE VANILLA CREAM, with capital letters, par excellence.
Compota de manzana y fresas (sin azúcares añadidos)

Apple and strawberry compote (no added sugar)

There is nothing like simple and homemade recipes, and we cannot forget the compote that has always been made at home. The one we make most often is apple or apple and banana, but taking advantage of the strawberry season I encourage you to enjoy this delicious and easy recipe for apple and strawberry compote. A delight!
Canelé de Pascua: mousse de chocolate negro con caramelo y cacahuete

Easter canelé: dark chocolate mousse with caramel and peanuts

The name of this recipe is most revealing, it does not hide any secret apart from its delicious flavor and its soft and sweet interior. But although it seems that the Easter canelé with chocolate, caramel and peanuts has already said it all in its statement, nothing is further from the truth. Keep reading and you will know what I mean.
Lava cake o pastel volcán de chocolate

Lava cake or chocolate volcano cake

Pay close attention, because today's recipe is not for any ordinary cake, but is pure exaltation of chocolatier pleasure. The lava cake or molten chocolate cake is reminiscent of the exquisite chocolate coulant, an excellent pastry preparation that, well prepared, makes you cry with emotion. Today I bring you the step by step to make the lava cake.
Leche de plátano koreana

Korean Banana Milk

Find out what banana milk is and how to prepare it at home with this traditional and authentic recipe! Banana milk is a delicious drink, and I would love for you to discover it.
Fresas con chocolate: receta y toppings para decorarlas

Strawberries with chocolate: recipe and toppings to decorate them

Combining chocolate and strawberries is a sure hit, a classic that never fails, especially on Valentine's Day if you want to present a most romantic breakfast or desserts, or on any spring day when you want to treat yourself. The contrast between the freshness and juiciness of strawberries, and the character and smoothness of chocolate in any of its varieties, makes decorated chocolate strawberries something addictive.
Tarta de flan de chocolate

chocolate custard tart

It's International Chocolate Cake Day, and to honor it we bring you an authentic delight for cocoa lovers: a cake filled with chocolate flan! The result of this cake is similar to that of a cheesecake, as far as the texture of the filling is concerned: soft and enveloping, each bite fills you with the most delicious cocoa flavor.
Cómo hacer arroz con leche de coco

How to make coconut milk rice

At home, a great competitor to the traditional rice pudding has come out, and it is that this recipe for rice pudding with coconut milk is as delicious as always, but with a coconut flavor that only adds up. It is just as fresh, sweet, delicious... but when you drink it you wonder what it is that drives you to take one more spoonful.
Casca de Reis (casca de Reyes)

Casca de Reis (casca de Reyes)

I am fascinated by all the classic, traditional elaborations and even with an old or vintage look. I think they have a very distinctive quirky elegance that makes it hard to draw attention away from them. Among the wide variety of sweets typical of these dates, this year you cannot stop preparing the Casca de Reis, the typical Valencian Christmas sweet that must be present on the table on Three Kings Day.

Roscón de brioche de Reyes

Roscón de brioche de Reyes

If you are still waiting for Three Kings Day with the same enthusiasm as when you were little, you will love today's recipe. This Roscón de Reyes is a Brioche roscón, an accessible and easy-to-make dough, with just the right amount of sweetness. And of course, there is no lack of the typical broad bean, which has always made us laugh so much at home, young and old.
Tarta de crème brulée

creme brulee tart

The crème brulée is the French cousin-sister of what we know as Catalan cream. Softer, I would say, and with a delicious vanilla flavor, which makes it delicious. In this cake with a sweet almond base and crème brulee as a filling, you will enjoy it like never before.
Pudín de piña con crema de natillas de coco

Pineapple Pudding with Coconut Custard Cream

Today, we're making an inverted pineapple pudding, a tropical flavor that ends any Sunday meal beautifully. You can make it with fresh pineapple or pineapple in syrup, which makes it a most ideal recipe to solve any commitment.